Ice Conditions Brutal At T.D. Ameritrade

At the end of the Lincoln Stars and Omaha Lancers game, the ice at T.D. Ameritrade was ripped up so badly that the UND-Omaha game was delayed two hours until 6:07 p.m.

The blue lines attracted the sun and were especially brutal. Here’s a look at one of them.

Organizers believe that once the sun goes down, the ice will hold up better. How much better? Well….. we’ll see.

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  1. zapper

    I love the idea of outdoor hockey but choosing Omaha as a site is ridiculous with their climate. I hope someone doesn’t get hurt. They should postpone the game and play it indoors.

    1. G&W in Denver

      When they first announced this way back when, I have to admit, I was very surprised. I don’t know Omaha weather, but I sort of assumed it would be somewhat similar to the Colorado plains and not similar to ND and there is a major difference. Put it to you this way, I don’t own a winter coat.

      1. Sioux1

        I understand the weather is up and down in Denver but lets be realistic and not exaggerate…. If you live in Denver and don’t have a winter coat its by choice not by necessity as pretending it doesn’t get cold enough in Denver for a winter coat is false!

  2. G&W in Denver

    I sort of thought their optimism was too optimistic. I hope for the best tonight because this should be fun, even if I can only listen and not watch. Hopefully a sweep tonight can still take place.

  3. MK

    Why in the world did they play a game before ours.

    Why not save that game until the next day or not play it at all.

  4. joe

    Any chance the game will be picked up by any larger TV networks? It would be nice to watch out here in Michigan without a bad internet feed.

  5. 01grad

    I was too wondering if another television opportunity would happen with a later start. Hopefully the
    Internet option still works…

    1. Redwingz

      If you guys are still asking if other TV networks are going to pick up the game then clearly you rarely come to this site because it’s been said by Brad multiple times that only MidCo is getting the game.

      1. joe

        I understand that. But the circumstances have changed. Other networks didn’t want the game because of college basketball, now that it’s latter, there is less competition and a network may want to pick it up now.

  6. Crazy

    Never been a big fan of these outdoor games. Watched hockey day in Minnesota which was I believe in Grand Rapids this year and it looked miserable. Real strong winds and snowing. I believe the windchill was a -10. Can’t tell me that was much fun.

  7. R

    Hindsight is 20-20, but I wondered about playing another game right before UND game too. How it would affect the ice conditions for the UNO/UND game. Looks like that Hockey Day in MN high school game from a few years ago. Nothing but slush on the lines and had to move the nets in front of the blue crease.

  8. undcheer

    I remember watching hockey day in MN a couple years ago when the same thing happened. Sun came out and the lines became brutal. The kids could actually use the excuse of the blue line tripping them!!!

    I thought they said the ice could handle temps into the middle 60’s. Guess that was wrong.

    Looking forward to puck drop!!!

  9. siouxmahn

    it’s risky enough to have an outdoor game in Omaha, let alone having it schedule for right after another game is played…..stooopid idea. i sure hope no one on either team gets hurt tonight from these bad conditions.

  10. LF

    I lived in Denver and on the Colorado plains. We could have brutal snowstorms and a week later the only snow left was from piles made during the storm.

  11. northdasotan

    I love outdoor hockey, hockey players should grow up out there. That being said, college and pro hockey does not need to be played on out door rinks in the sandhills. Schedule a outdoor game in a climate, at the right time where the ice conditions are somewhat normal ie. hard ice. I thought the ice conditions would be brutal when I first read about the schedule way back when….but the teams agreed to the terms. Either way I’m not a fan of outdoor hockey games in a football or baseball venue.

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