Team, others stranded in South Dakota

The UND team spent last night Summit, S.D., having to pull off the roads because of poor conditions and they are now stranded in Sisseton.

Interstate 29 is closed from Watertown to Fargo, stranding a large number of fans who made the trip to Omaha for the two-game series that included an outdoor game at T.D. Ameritrade Park.

The Herald team is stranded here in Sioux Falls along with a bunch of other fans. Others are stranded in Brookings, Summit, Watertown or Sisseton.

If you are stranded, tweet your pictures to @gfherald and check out our gallery, including a picture of me throwing a hardcore gutter ball, here.

5 thoughts on “Team, others stranded in South Dakota

  1. Im also stranded in Sioux Falls and saw around 10 people in UND gear at the mall. We all looked at each other and gave a brotherhood type of nod.

  2. hey Shloss, what is the name of the hotel your at? It looks like a pretty cool place to do a weekend stay with the fam.
    P.S. for security purposes you can reply AFTER you check out. lol

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