UND’s Walk To The Dugout

Some videos are starting to come out from UND’s walk off the field yesterday to the dugout. Here’s one from a cell phone near the field. Go ahead and post in the comments if you have any videos.

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  1. tj

    that was amazing wish we were there to celebrate with everyone. We were yelling and cheering watching the game, but nothing like being at the games.

  2. Chris K.

    That scene of the walk to the tunnel will forever be etched in my memories. Definitely worth the eight hour drive (each way) from northern Wisconsin! Go Sioux!

  3. Sioux Fan

    I cannot even tell you how incredible it was to be at that game! Once in a lifetime so they say…it was Watching that video made me realize how lucky I am to be from ND and get to watch such a special team. I might not be 30 yet but I know enough to appreciate what we have. Proud is what I am tonight going to sleep in St. Paul I hope every1 gets home safe like we did:). belfour and 29 will open again

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