UND-Omaha Draws NBC Sports Record Ratings

Friday night’s indoor game between UND and Nebraska Omaha drew the highest ratings of any college hockey game on NBC Sports Network.

According to the Puck Media blog, it drew 146,000 viewers, which surpassed the previous high of 98,000, which watched Michigan State vs. Notre Dame earlier this season.

Steve Lepore, who tracks hockey television ratings, says that North Dakota’s fan following and well-known NHL alumni roster makes it a large draw. Read Lepore’s full blog post here.

4 Responses

  1. Mike

    Just think how many more fans would have been watching, if they hadn’t been there for the outdoor game being held the next day! I know I would have been watching if I hadn’t been there, just like I”ll be watching UND vs. Denver this coming Friday night on NBC Sports Network.

  2. Tom

    I was thinking the same thing keikla but i came up with a theory. Its a fact that there is not a crazy amount of college hockey fans. Most games are played on fri and sat nights around the same time. So most fans are probably watching their own favorite teams instead of watching the national televised games.

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