UND Sports Zone Show: UND vs. Denver preview

Join Herald sports writers Brad Elliott Schlossman, Tom Miller and Wayne Nelson as they talk UND sports.

15 thoughts on “UND Sports Zone Show: UND vs. Denver preview

      • We currently live in Fort Collins and go down to Denver every now and then. I was just curious if anyone that lived down there or is coming out for the games had a place they go that is good that maybe we dont know about. Always like trying new things and hanging out with Sioux fans

        • If you are coming from Ft. Collins, stop at Tocabe in Highlands. Haven’t eaten there, but have heard only great comments so far. I can’t wait to go. Actually if you stop anywhere in the Lower Highlands area (just NE of downtown), you’re going to get a great and unique meal.

  1. Am going to be in the twin cities this weekend. Where would be a good place to catch the games?

  2. Hey Brad, what channel is the game going to be on on Friday night on DirecTv? I know you said it was being picked up by CBS sports…but I am not sure what channel that is for DirecTv.

  3. Tom Miller is an brave idiot for defending the university on the Ralston issue. Personally I now think he is an asskisser and I just cant pay attention to anything he says anymore.

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