UND Sports Zone Show: UND Vs. Denver Preview

Join Herald sports writers Brad Elliott Schlossman, Tom Miller and Wayne Nelson as they talk UND sports.

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      1. Sioux4Ever

        We currently live in Fort Collins and go down to Denver every now and then. I was just curious if anyone that lived down there or is coming out for the games had a place they go that is good that maybe we dont know about. Always like trying new things and hanging out with Sioux fans

        1. Wes in Denver

          If you are coming from Ft. Collins, stop at Tocabe in Highlands. Haven’t eaten there, but have heard only great comments so far. I can’t wait to go. Actually if you stop anywhere in the Lower Highlands area (just NE of downtown), you’re going to get a great and unique meal.

  1. GoSioux

    Hey Brad, what channel is the game going to be on on Friday night on DirecTv? I know you said it was being picked up by CBS sports…but I am not sure what channel that is for DirecTv.

  2. John

    Tom Miller is an brave idiot for defending the university on the Ralston issue. Personally I now think he is an asskisser and I just cant pay attention to anything he says anymore.

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