Tentative 2013-14 Schedule

UND’s schedule isn’t officially set and this is definitely subject to changes at this point (and there have been some changes in recent years…. think the Winnipeg game), but here’s what it’s looking like right now (UND will play all NCHC teams twice except for CC and DU):

Oct. 5 — Exhibition vs. Canadian school TBA
Oct. 11-12 — VERMONT
Oct. 18-19 — at Miami
Oct. 26 — U.S. UNDER-18 (exhibition)

Nov. 1-2 — ST. CLOUD STATE
Nov. 8-9 — at Nebraska Omaha
Nov. 15-16 — DULUTH
Nov. 22-23 — at Boston University
Nov. 29-30 — ST. LAWRENCE

Dec. 6-7 — at Western Michigan

Jan. 17-18 — at Bemidji State/BEMIDJI STATE
Jan. 24-25 — at Denver

Feb. 14-15 — MIAMI
Feb. 21-22 — at Duluth
Feb. 28-March 1 — at St. Cloud State

March 14-15 — First round NCHC playoffs
March 21-22 — NCHC tournament (Minneapolis)
March 28-30 — NCAA regionals (Bridgeport, Conn.; Worcester, Mass.; Cincinnati; St. Paul)

April 10-12 — NCAA Frozen Four (Philadelphia)

Also of note, UND is currently working on scheduling a couple of exhibition games against Canadian schools in British Columbia, probably Vancouver, in early January. If it happens, that would probably be a pretty cool event for the B.C., players on the team like the MacMillan brothers, Adam Tambellini and Wade Murphy.

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  1. Crb1

    Not quite the stellar schedule we are used to seeing. I have to admit it is weird not seeing the likes of UW and MN.

    1. Siouxfan512

      Exactly what I though when I read this, I’ll miss those games. Although, I think we get games back with Wisconsin relatively soon.

  2. Newman

    Brad, does the NCHC have the guidelines set for how the unbalanced conference schedule is determined? Are the two teams played once a random draw each year, or will it rotate through the seven in some preset cycle? Was really looking forward to two CO series next year again, bummer!

  3. ACF1

    No home games with DU, UM, UW….. Goll dang, tough to have a big rivalry with DU to replace UM when we don’t even play them at home.

  4. David

    I was surprised to hear in an interview with the manager of the NCHC (I think it was during the outdoor game coverage) that NCHC staffing was predetermining who the rivals of the conference would be and that these teams would play twice a year each season. It was stated that UND and Nebraska Omaha would be rivals and would play twice a season. Seems to me like we’ve been building up a good rivalry with Denver over the years, more so than Nebraska Omaha. Any thoughts on this “predetermined” rivalry based scheduling, Brad – and why Nebraska Omaha, opposed to DU?

      1. Siouxfan512

        True, and our rivalry with UNO is definitely growing. Certainly not even close to a MN or DU caliber. Even w/o us being designated “rivals” with DU, thats a team they should have scheduled twice every year. Its good from fan standpoing, a hockey quality standpoint, and a financial standpoint.

  5. Stone

    Don’t hit the SOS panic button quite yet. BU, CC, Western, Duluth, Miami and SCSU are going to be good teams next year and for awhile. Northern Michigan and Vermont are just opportunities for us to take advantage of Non-conference points for the Pairwise.

    1. Siouxfan512

      Good point, alot of talent out there. I think it will just be a big adjustment to not see MN and WI for a potential 8 games out of the season.

  6. Fireball McBane

    Why is that we do not have a home game with Denver? Also any idea when we will make a Non Conference trip back to Maine?

  7. JJ

    That’s kind of a blah schedule. Not really any series that I’m particularly looking forward to St. Lawrence and Northern Michigan… really?! It’s a shame UND doesn’t play DU at home.

  8. Stack

    The rumor has been that UND will play in the Flordia Classic Dec 27-28 . It’s not on the schedule you posted here but have you heard anything about this?

  9. Sioux4Ever

    Glad they are playing in Boston the week before Thanksgiving. Maybe can get some cheaper airfare from Denver. Time to start planning to visit the chowderheads.

  10. Siouxguy

    Can we please get games at Duluth in the fall for a change so people can enjoy the North Shore and everything Duluth has to offer before the driving is impossible in the middle of winter.

  11. suture

    Yea, the changes in college hockey created by Big 10 greed are going to do nothing but reduce fan interest and viewership in virtually every conference with the exception of the eastern schools. You can get excited about the NCHC but without one of the larger schools in the conference (UW, UM, ND, etc..) it will be hard to maintain top billing as the “thee” college hockey conference in the country (what the WCHA is now). Losing Notre Dame was a big loss of the NCHC, we needed the domers for a number of reasons. I look at our home schedule and can honestly say there is not one team that really has me that excited. Maybe rivalries will develop down the road as we become more familiar with the new kids on the block….Miami, WMU, etc…?? Not playing DU home/home is a horrible mistake…..what happened there?

  12. Drew

    WOW… There goes our strength of schedule! Did Hak take a page out of the Lucia playbook by scheduling Vermont, St Lawerance, Northern Michigan and Bemidji State? This is embarrassing with all the cream puffs on the schedule! Anyone else agree?

    1. Siouxguy

      You do realize that just about every team in this new conference has been in the NCAA tournament in the past few years, so just by playing all of those teams, the SOS will be very high. That cannot be said of the Big Ten conference lately. I think we all have seen that a lot of the fringe teams like Vermont can be hot and cold, so you never know until everything plays out. Who’d have thought that when we play Mankato State in a few weeks it is going to be a huge game in the pairwise rankings, certainly wouldn’t have looked that way after last season and traditionally.

  13. Brad

    There will always be 2 teams in the league that we don’t play a home and home series. So that means that we will not play Denver twice every 3 years. So the next time we would only play Denver once would be the ’16-’17 season where I would guess they would be here that year. If they rotate the teams you don’t play twice every year evenly, the nect time we would not have a home series with Denver after this season would be the 2019-2020 season. So people need to calm down!! Its just one season!!

  14. Brad Schloss-woman

    Brad, how do you keep up with all these comments and opinions?

    I think that’s why I like your blog compared to others: you dont feel the urge to insert your opinion into everything. Classy. Humble.

  15. Ben

    The SOS will be fine at the end of the year. The biggest determinant in SOS is not the difficulty of your own schedule (ironically) but the winning percentage of your whole conference in non-conference games. NCHC as a whole will have #1 or #2 SOS along with Hockey East.

    Drew, as much as we dislike the Gophers, that SOS shot is a little undeserved. They played BC, Notre Dame, and Air Force this year. All perennial NCAA qualifiers. They also had 2 games vs Michigan State who – while terrible this year – was in the top third of the CCHA when those games were put in the schedule and who has also won an NCAA title more recently than we have. Looks like Lucia tried to get quality opponents for this year, but it’s not his fault that Mich St began to stink.

  16. Waitnc

    I have learned not to look down my nose at fellow d1 hockey programs so I will hold my thoughts on the schedule for a bit. What does concern me however, is the possibility of Canadian major junior coach recruiting against us and asking the recruit, “compare our schedules and number of games…which do you think will better prepare you for playing at the next level?” On the surface, that could end up hurting our program.

  17. scpa0305

    Terrible looking schedule…maybe we can shoot for a good record. Why we don’t have a better home schedule is beyond me. Is our total games played decreasing?

    1. Bill

      Haha. I ebieve this schedule is week. Every week there will be no weak opponent. Home opponents: Instead of Alaska Anchorage, we get (currently No. 3) Miami. Instead of Michigan Tech, we get (currently No. 8) Western Michigan. Definitely week. Not weak.

  18. LHS_SiouxFan

    whats all this talk about our SOS going down? last year 5 of the 8 teams made the tourney and according to bracketology it looks like 5 will make the tourney again this year…. sounds just like the same difficulty as playing in the WCHA to me….

  19. Kelly Johnson

    Why are we still having the division play offs in Minneapolis and not Grand Forks, Omaha, Denver, Colorado Springs, etc.

  20. Nodak Fan

    I asked a few weeks ago about UND’s 2013-14 schedule after seeing that Duluth beat writer Kevin Pates released the Bulldogs schedule on his Rink and Run blog. Thanks for following through!

    1. SiouxperKev

      Did your ticket price go down when we had AA, Tech and (usually) MSU on the home schedule? Didnt think so. You’ll be fine.

  21. Chad

    I’m looking forward to seeing western Michigan and Miami next year. One year without Denver at home is not so bad. As far as SOS goes losing AA and MTU on the schedule will improve it. The new conference does not have any doormats.

  22. GoSiouxGo

    Hey guys. I wouldn’t worry about our sos as you need to remember the big ten hockey schedule is going to hurt the Goofs, Wisco, and Michigan as each of them are going to play Ohio State, Penn State, and a mediocre Michigan State for a total of 12 games year. That alone will bring down three other perennial top tier teams in the NCAA. If you look at our schedule BU is always a tuc and st. lawrence has some potential maybe not Bemidji. Otherwise the NCHC is going to likely be the new league to beat along with HE.

  23. The ONE and ONLY Sandman

    I’m surprised with all the negativity. Honestly I think our schedule looks great and provides us an opportunity to quickly rise to the top of the NCHC. I’m looking forward to seeing some new teams and faces come to the Ralph, and hope we can take advantage of our NC schedule. It’s not like we have won every game this year; look at our record. Maybe we should let the games play out and see what happens before calling next season shot.

    1. People just aren’t familiar with Miami and Western Michigan yet. They don’t get excited about Miami, even though they’ve won more games than anyone outside of UND, BC and Michigan in the last eight years. Western Michigan isn’t as exciting of a name as others, but they’ve been one of the top teams the last few years. It will take some getting used to for fans.

  24. ksixpack

    2 items that would make this a whole lot better…

    1. A 28 game schedule just like the WCHA was would mean every team plays each other home and away…it’s so cut and dried that it boggles my mind why they wouldn’t do this…8 team league is ideal for scheduling and they decide to go with an unbalanced schedule…I don’t get it…

    2. Why not have the league tournament in Omaha which is centrally located for all the teams…Minneapolis is not…just ask the Colorado schools. I see no reason to give the Twin Cities our business when they don’t have a presence in the league. Anyone who was in Omaha saw the great venues, hotels, bars, and ammenities it has to host a tournament…They do the college world series extremely well and would be a perfect venue for this tournament.

    1. The reason they are going unbalanced is they believe more nonconference games will give the NCHC the possibility of more teams making the NCAA tournament. It’s no secret that this league is going to be a bear. The last place team is going to be a very good team and teams are going to beat up on each other.

      The Twin Cities gives the league the best opportunity for a maximum profit. The largest fan bases in the league are within driving distance and have a large number of alums living in the Twin Cities. That being said, I don’t think Omaha would have been a bad choice, either. I just don’t think it would be as profitable, especially if UNO missed.

      Every site has a doomsday scenario. No matter what site it’s held at, it won’t be the Final Five, that’s for sure.

  25. Ry

    Wow! As a fan I’m very disappointed in the schedule. Further, I cannot understand why the NCHC would not continue the UND – DU rivalry. I hope they lower the price of the tickets.

  26. EdinaSiouxFan

    For all of you extremely disappointed with the schedule and every other word that was used to describe that frustration, here is the good thing… Season tickets are a choice and there is a waiting list so get rid of your tickets.

    As for me, I think it’s top to bottom a far more challenging schedule this year. We’re talking tons of top teams that will be tough to beat and constantly help us in the pairwise when we do. Finally I love the historic east hockey programs of Vermont and St Lawrence on there. Tons of hockey history in those two teams and St Lawrence remains a top 25 program.

    Proud to be a season ticket holder and proud of this schedule!

  27. EdinaSiouxFan

    In addition, for those of you talking about lowering ticket prices, UND’s prices are half as much as the gophers. Our tickets are affordable! Why would we want to damage the athletics department budget and thus the student athletes in any way?

  28. SM

    Sadly, I no longer live in Grand Forks. My wife would gladly relocate to Grand Forks on one condition, I purchase her season Men’s hockey tickets. That being said, all season Men’s hockey ticket holders, quit your crying or sell me your season tickets:D

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