Aaron Dell Goalie Fight

Former UND goalie Aaron Dell was in a goalie fight tonight in the CHL. If you know Dell’s personality, you certainly wouldn’t have predicted this would happen. But here you are…

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  1. crb1

    I would have never guessed that was Aaron Dell if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes. Wow, love the comment about Jonesy blackout mode. haha.

  2. smmm

    This whole clip is an embarrassment to the sport. A guy unable to defend himself is getting pummeled on the ice; much less everything else. I understand a place in the game for defending your players. In baseball, pitchers throw at batters to defend their teammates, etc. But I still don’t think it’s right. Brendan Shannahan and those in the NHL suspend players for hits to the head but allow fighting. I think if the game is changing to where players get suspended for making contact with the head then they should also be suspended for fighting. This video is exhibit A. These players should face suspension. And fans should not be cheering. This whole scene disgusts me.

  3. Cory Holkesvig

    Like Dell standing up for team but his one teammate deserves to get knocked the F out what he did. You dont keep punching a guy in the head when he is down and not even protecting himself no class. Hope Karma comes back and gets him big time…

  4. Trickey7

    All that was missing was a Power Bomb from Captain Insano. What a melee. I couldn’t quite tell from the that awesome video feed, but that looked liked Dell was rocking a pretty sweet hairdo.

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