Feb. 26 Bracketology

Since we’re only four weeks away from the NCAA tournament field being picked for real, I figured it’s time to start having fun looking at how the field might play out. Obviously, a ton can and will change during the last two weeks of the regular season and the playoffs, so take this with a grain of salt.

One thing of note is that since Niagara is in the top 16 of the Pairwise, it is completely possible that all of the top 16 get in (if Niagara wins the AHA tournament). If the NCAAs started today, this is how I think the bracket would look:

Providence, R.I.
(1) Quinnipiac vs. (4) Notre Dame
(2) Niagara vs. (3) St. Cloud State

Grand Rapids, Mich.
(1) Minnesota vs. (4) RPI
(2) MSU-Mankato vs. (3) Western Michigan

Toledo, Ohio
(1) Miami vs. (4) Yale
(2) North Dakota vs. (3) UMass-Lowell

Manchester, N.H.
(1) Boston College vs. (4) Dartmouth
(2) New Hampshire vs. (3) Denver

And on the women’s side….

(8) North Dakota at (1) Minnesota
(7) Mercyhurst at (2) Cornell
(6) Harvard at (3) Boston College
(5) Boston University at (4) Clarkson

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  1. Jordo

    Looks like friends and family will be the only ones in attendance over in Providence this year. Christ that is terrible.

  2. crb1

    Are the women all but certain to have to play Minnesota in the tourney or could they move up in the rankings to number 7?

    1. ZW

      Good point…the current #15 & #16 are both in the ECAC. So if going by those standards QU would get Notre Dame in the first round….Hardly a matchup to favor the #1 overall seed.

  3. keikla

    The WCHA currently has two 2-seeds, two 3-seeds and 5 teams total. If this placement stays true until the selection sunday, do you think the committee would allow a first round WCHA match-up, even if it’s possible to avoid it?

    With the WCHA playoffs and Final Five coming up, all these teams will likely be playing each other, so it’s quite possible that one of the teams will bump up to a 1-seed and/or another one of them drop down to a 4-seed.

  4. Jon Schroeder

    One WCHA team in every bracket won’t happen. They wont allow one conference to have the possibility of owning the final 4 again.

  5. WCHA grind

    The locations that host NCAA regionals are destined to flop in attendance (especially this year), then when they do, all of the major college hockey news outlets write article after article about it. It starts to get annoying. I don’t get why the Xcel Energy Center isn’t given a regional every year… There are plenty of teams and fans in the region to make it a worthwhile host.

  6. Sioux4Ever

    Im sick of them having regionals in stupid places. They should be moved around between different campuses. Remember in 2010 when St. Cloud and Wisconsin were at the Xcel? they couldnt even fill the lower level. Also sick of MN basically hosting a regional every other year. Why should they always get to be at “home?” You want a sold out regional, either lower the prices or move them to decent sized arenas on college campuses.

    1. Waterlover

      Single Game ticket prices of about $60 a piece is much of why attendance was so poor for St. Cloud/WI. Badger fans don’t follow their hockey team like they used to and as a St. Cloud fan why would you expect them to even be playing on the 2nd night since they’d never actually won a game before that year.

    2. SiouxperKev

      Careful what you wish for. I was at a regional in Madison some years back when UW wasnt in it and it was possibly the worst regional in NCAA history. For some reason ticket sales of 2-3000 sticks in my head. Anyways, no matter where you put the regionals, they are going to suck if a major “home” team isnt in it. Even at Xcel Center. Like someone said, that 2010 regional was horribly attended. You have both UW and SCSU in it and still no one shows up. Yeah I understand many fans were just at the Final Five, but you still have to go. Especially you Husky fans… you dont get these NCAA games very often so MAN UP when you get in.

      Until the NCAA learns 1) to drop the ticket prices and 2) put the regional in the cities of the higher seeds; this is what you get. Funny thing is, these regional sites are bid on ahead of time and I have a hard time believing any of them breakeven. Well except out east where BC gets home ice most every year. but thats another story…

  7. Sioux Fan3.0

    The problem in attendance absolutely starts with these high tickets prices every year.. I almost stayed home last year for the Sioux Gopher Regional game but the green blood started taking over and there was just now way I was going to miss that game when I live in St. Paul. I think that’s the problem… If I die hard like myself considers staying home because he cannot afford to go to the game, what are stopping the non-shallon hockey fans from doing the same! So the question is~ Do you keep prices the same in hope that the “host” school breaks even or do you lower them in hope for a big turn out and to possibly make a dollar? They need to change something, that’s for damn sure….

  8. Craig Moen

    Brad- Do you think the Ralph will ever be able to host a regional again now that they are in compliance with the NCAA? Even if we got one every 3-4 it would be an event that would make college hockey some money.

  9. jack cottrell

    sure would love to see the fighting sioux come to grand rapids michigan where i live, the attendance problem is a big deal here as well you need some local flavor to draw the pretty non interested in college hockey crowd in grand rapids…..msa and michigan are both off this season so they won’t qualify. Notre Dame would draw here and help attendance so i think your right on NCAA trying to fill the arena with a more local team.

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