Weekly Wednesday Update

The postseason has arrived for the women’s team and it’s getting awfully close for the men’s team. So, maybe it’s a little surprising that things aren’t more hectic out at Ralph Engelstad Arena.

But for the men, it’s business as usual. UND coach Dave Hakstol remarked how the team is “relatively healthy” right now, which is allowing for a lot of lineup decisions. It has become clear that if you’re not playing your role to a T, you won’t be in the lineup, no matter where you were drafted.

Brendan O’Donnell worked his way back into the lineup last weekend and progressively got better during the weekend. We’ll see if Derek Rodwell can regain his spot.

As for the goalies, that’s anybody’s guess at this point. I don’t know if we’re any closer to knowing who the No. 1 guy is than we were in October. At times, both guys have made convincing statements. At other times, both have opened the door for their teammate.

Read what Hakstol is saying about the goaltending battle here.

For Friday’s paper, I’ll have a Q&A with Hobey Baker Award candidate Danny Kristo, who has 0 career points against Bemidji State, his father’s alma mater.

I wrote a big feature on the Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux for Thursday’s paper. It’s hard to believe, but this weekend will be the last time they play in Ralph Engelstad Arena for UND.

Their impact on UND’s program is immeasurable. In 50 years, when people have fun discussing the “Mount Rushmore” of UND women’s hockey, it will start with those two.

They also shared a story that they had kept private until last month: The origins of why they thought about transferring to UND. Read that story here.

This week’s chat was pretty active. We had a lot of questions coming in. If you want to check it out, read the transcript below.

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  1. Siouxweetsaucer

    Brad – do you talk to NHL scouts sometimes when they are at UND games? Was there a particular game this year that brought out a lot of scouts? Hope Rowney getting some free agent interest.

  2. CJ

    Great article on Monique and Jocelyne. My respect for these women (and the Lamoureux family) grows with every article I read about them. It has been great watching all of them over the past several years. Surely there has got to another brother or sister somewhere in that family with some college eligibility left??!!

  3. SM

    Any Sioux hockey fan that has not seen these two women play has been missing out!!! These ladies are immensely talented. Their playing career is winding down and they will be missed, but will not be forgotten. Wonderful article Brad.

  4. Matt

    Brad, any insight into the reason behind why at least one of the Lamoureux sisters is typically excluded from the Patty Kaz Top 10?? If I remember correctly this is the 3rd year in a row that at least one of them has been left out even though they have the stats to merit their inclusion.

  5. lakegrl

    GREAT article on the Lamoureuxs. Jocelyne’s quote about thinking “home of the Sioux” during national anthems as a Gopher is priceless.

  6. Ryer

    When you say “Hobey Baker Candidate Danny Kristo” I wonder how he can even win the award? He is not even on the list of candidates on the Hobey Phase I page on their website.

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