Women’s final: UND 6, MSU-Mankato 1

Notes: Leah Jensen is still out for UND. No real surprises in the lineup. Full line chart and live chat is below. Game is on radio on 1440 AM in GF.

UND 1, Mankato 0 — Becca Kohler (Jocelyne Lamoureux, Meghan Dufault) 1:46. Jocelyne drives wide and takes the puck to the crease area. Butters makes the save but can’t find the rebound and Kohler skates in and hammers it past her.

UND 2, Mankato 0 — Jocelyne Lamoureux (Monique Lamoureux, Tori Williams) 8:01. Jocelyne walks around a defender in the left circle and snaps a shot far pad. The rebound goes to the slot, Jocelyne tracks it down and scores No. 33.

UND 3, Mankato 0 — Josefine Jakobsen (Michelle Karvinen, Tanja Eisenschmid) 12:33. Karvinen, standing at the outside of the left circle, makes a brilliant feed to Jakobsen, who is standing back door and easily puts it away.

UND 4, Mankato 0 — Monique Lamoureux (Josefine Jakobsen) 18:53. Jakobsen wins a draw back to Monique, who rips a shot into the top corner of the net.

Second period

UND 5, Mankato 0 — Ashley Furia (Becca Kohler, Allison Parizek) 5:58. During a wild scramble in the crease, Mankato’s goalie takes a swat at a loose puck and puts it right in her own net. Furia gets credit.

Third period

UND 5, Mankato 1 — Tracy McCann (Kathleen Rogan, Emilia Andersson) 1:06 (pp). Rogan attempts to hit McCann, who is standing even with the goal line below. The puck hits McCann’s skates, trickles to the crease, goes off of Amsley-Benzie and in.

UND 6, Mankato 1 — Michelle Karvinen (Josefine Jakobsen, Meghan Dufault) 11:40 (pp). Dufault, at the bottom of the left circle, gives it to Karvinen in the slot. Karvinen makes a backhand, behind-the-back pass to Jakobsen at the bottom of the right circle and Jakobsen sends it right back to Karvinen for a tap-in.

UND’s lines

91 Ashley Furia–17 Jocelyne Lamoureux–19 Meghan Dufault
3 Michelle Karvinen–63 Josefine Jakobsen–2 Mary Loken
10 Andrea Dalen–51 Becca Kohler–15 Megan Gilbert
6 Allison Parizek–11 Shannon Kaiser–13 Layla Marvin

4 Sam LaShomb–18 Monique Lamoureux
22 Tanja Eisenschmid–8 Samantha Hanson
7 Jordan Slavin–16 Tori Williams

1 Shelby Amsley-Benzie
30 Jorid Dagfinrud
33 Michelle Bonapace-Potvin

MSU-Mankato’s lines

15 Tracy McCann–25 Lauren Smith–13 Kathleen Rogan
18 Nicole Germaine–26 Kari Lundberg–11 Natalie Stoltz
3 Lauren Zrust–7 Kelsie Scott–29 Casey Hirsch
23 Melissa Klippenstein–16 Lindsay Nagel–10 Katie Johnson

20 Emilia Andersson–28 Danielle Scholzen
14 Erika Magnusson–5 Lauren Barnes
27 Shelby Moteyunas–9 Giulianna Pallotta

37 Danielle Butters
33 Erin Krichiver
30 Brianna Quade

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