UND Clinches Home Ice For Playoffs

UND has clinched home ice for the first round of the WCHA playoffs for an 11th straight season.

Even though the possibility of a five-way tie still exists in the the WCHA, college hockey stats expert Tim Danehy says there are no possibilities that exist that would put Denver at home over UND.

So, UND knows it will be back at home in two weekends no matter what happens in Mankato.

Now, exactly where UND finishes in the top half is completely up for grabs. It could finish as high as first or as low as sixth.

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  1. suture

    Wow, total domination but no goal(s) to show for it. The 3rd period was total UND domination, it was hard to believe we could not score. Actually, reminded me of the FF Michigan game…..outplayed, outshot, out-everything MI…..just couldn’t get the goal.

  2. Beaz

    Speaking of that Meechigan game, bermidji used another similar tactic that involved a huge number of pucks just dumped out of play. I wouldn’t mind seeing the delay of game penalty used in the NHL implemented in college as well( for dumping the puck out if play on purpose in your own zone).

    1. Sieve

      For what it’s worth, I can think of a number of instances, crucial ones, in which UND would have fallen on the wrong side of that penalty. The New Hampshire game in the NCAA’s a few years back, for example.

  3. gang green

    Was there a senior tribute video after last nights game. Could you please post a link if there was. Thanks.

  4. Beaz

    Speaking of that UNH game, I thought it got tipped by UNH and should have been moved to a neutral zone face off anyway, but yes, it would have bit us in that situation. But we got bit anyway ; )

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