UND Sports Zone Show: UND vs. Minnesota State Mankato preview

Join Herald sports writers Brad Elliott Schlossman, Tom Miller and Wayne Nelson as they talk UND sports.

11 thoughts on “UND Sports Zone Show: UND vs. Minnesota State Mankato preview

  1. Brad, I asked this 5 weeks ago and got no answer.

    Why is your footage such great qualityand we on the stream or Directv have to deal with such a low-quality stream?

  2. Not sure how you can be #2 in the nation and not be in 1st in your own conference. I know they have a pretty good team this year but you would think St. Cloud or someone like them would be ahead of them in the national ranking…

  3. National rankings and conference rankings are completely separate. SCSU has a bad non-conference record against TUC teams which is why they are lower in the national polls. While UND/UM are 2 pts back in the WCHA, they have a better non-conference record against TUC teams.

      • I have used it before and my game blacked out halfway through the 2nd period and they would not refund my $8 dollars nor even communicate with me as to what the issue was so use with caution if you order!~ I recommend watching the Minnesota State Tourney on tv or online if you can and listening and blogging the UND games this weekend. Thats what I’ll be doing anyway ;)

    • All you need is Tim Hennessey and the Fighting Sioux hockey network! Best play by play announcer in all of sports

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