Corban Knight Highlight Video

Midco Sports Network has put together a video for Hobey Baker candidate Corban Knight. Check it out below.

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  1. GoSioux

    I have not always been a Danny Kristo fan… but I have always been a Corban Knight fan. I can say this year, I am finally now a Danny Kristo fan–IMO he is finally playing to his full potential and seems to be playing both ends of the ice and becoming even more of a team player–two things Corban has always been. There is no denying Danny’s talent and I believe he has a great future ahead of him. If that was all there was to the Hobey, he might get my vote (if I was able to vote). You can call it what you want, but his off ice toe freeze was probably handled the way it needed to be by UND and the coaching staff, but we all know there was more to it. Off ice incidences kept Frattin from getting the Hobey and I believe it will keep Danny from getting it too. Now Corban–Hak summed it up pretty good–there is not a better player who is still so humble around. He is a complete player and I am excited to continue to watch him after his days at UND are done. It is nice to see him get the recognition, even if he doesn’t like to take it! He has made a lot of players around him look better on the ice, and be better people off the ice. Good luck to both—great job on the videos Midcont. — but I’m putting my hopes into Corban for Hobey!!

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