WCHA Women’s Awards

For pretty much all of their careers, WCHA coaches have seemingly enjoyed root canals more than voting for the Lamoureux twins on all-conference teams. So, maybe Thursday’s vote announcements shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Even so, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that the coaches voted Jocelyne Lamoureux, the all-time leading scorer in the history of the WCHA, second team all-conference.

Jocelyne has 24 more points (16 in conference play) more than one of the first-teamers. She leads the nation in faceoff wins, is second in the nation in points and goals.

Regardless, chalk up another bizarre voting job by the women’s coaches in the WCHA.

I think this is why it’s good to have media voters. As I’ve written many times in the past, there are obviously some coaches in the league that have some grudges, and that’s all it takes when you have only votes from head coaches, assistant coaches and captains.

There are 24 media ballots for the men’s awards and they probably help balance things out in case someone completely leaves a player of the year type off their ballot.

Jocelyne did win the WCHA’s outstanding student-athlete of the year award for the second straight year and a few other UND players were honored. Full awards are below.

First team

F — Amanda Kessel, Minnesota
F — Hannah Brandt, Minnesota
F — Brianna Decker, Wisconsin
D — Monique Lamoureux, North Dakota
D — Megan Bozek, Minnesota
G — Noora Raty, Minnesota

Second team

F — Jocelyne Lamoureux, North Dakota
F — Michelle Karvinen, North Dakota
F — Jenna McParland, Duluth
D — Bridgette Lacquette, Duluth
D — Jessica Wong, Duluth
G — Alex Rigsby, Wisconsin

Third team

F — Lauren Smith, Minnesota State
F — Josefine Jakobsen, North Dakota
F — Kelly Terry, Minnesota
D — Rachel Ramsey, Minnesota
D — Mira Jalosuo, Minnesota
G — Kayla Black, Duluth

Rookie team

F — Hannah Brandt, Minnesota
F — Meghan Dufault, North Dakota
F — Maryanne Menefee, Minnesota
D — Courtney Burke, Wisconsin
D — Milica McMillen, Minnesota
G — Kayla Black, Duluth

MVP: Kessel
ROY: Brandt
Student-athlete of the year: J. Lamoureux
Defensive player of the year: Bozek
Coach of the year: Brad Frost, Minnesota

5 Responses

  1. Maple Grove Sioux

    So Brad this all got me to thinking, I reviewed your WCHA women’s award post from last year (http://undhockey.areavoices.com/?p=90415 – commentary post here: http://undhockey.areavoices.com/?p=90418) and it confirmed my suspicions. Last year, it was Monique who was left off the first team and Jocelyne was on the first team. This year it’s the opposite.

    In both years, Monique was placed on defense, so that should eliminate the concern about someone simply not wanting to write the same last name for two of the three first-team forward spots.

    This makes me wonder if there was some sort of active plot among the coaches to keep one of them off the first team in each year. Last year they hosed Monique and this year they “evened up” and hosed Jocelyne. It would be interesting to do an open records request (since all the coaches are state employees) and see if anyone was crazy enough to talk about it via email.

    It just seems a little too convenient that in two straight years, each sister was second team all-conference once and first team all-conference once.

  2. Sioux Fan3.0

    What a bunch of Hosers! Lam girls got screwed by the voters big time this year. At least Monique finally got some recognition after getting left off the Patty Kiz top ten

  3. RR

    Looks like Wisconsin is the team that got the short end. Kind of hard to see why the second place team gets two All conference selections and the third and fourth place teams gets four.

  4. lakegrl

    What a joke. I hope this only fuels their fire for today. We are behind you girls…..time for you to hang a banner in the Ralph!

  5. vbl

    The Lamerouex are great people ,not just hockey players, the coaches of the WCHA have had a grudge agianst them all along.When they were younger ,same thing. No one wants to believe two yound women can play hard hockey and be nice people. The students and kids in schools know how great they are and the work ethic they have. The Gophers have always trated them like red headed stepchildren since they left, GROW UP. OH and the reason they came was not to win championships where they were, it was to help a program grow in a city and school they believed in. ASK me how I really feel… Great knowing two nce hardworking people who paly hockey… and I think you people who voted they last few years need to get a life.

    Go Sioux, Van

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