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A full rewind post will be up in the afternoon, but here are a few quick notes with one day left in the WCHA regular season (well, two days if you count Sunday afternoon’s UAA-DU tilt):

1. UND will be either the No. 2 or No. 3 seed for the WCHA playoffs. In order to be the No. 2 seed, UND needs to get one more point than Minnesota tonight.

2. UND is guaranteed to play either Michigan Tech or Bemidji State.

3. If Minnesota beats Bemidji State tonight, UND will be locked in against Michigan Tech for the first round, no matter what happens in the other games.

4. UND can still clinch a share of the WCHA title and be proclaimed MacNaughton Cup champs with a win coupled with a Wisconsin win over St. Cloud State. The Huskies have already clinched their share and will be the No. 1 seed for the playoffs. They will take on Anchorage.

The full standings are on the right of the page. The possible tiebreakers for 4-7 go like this:

Two-way ties

Mankato > Wisconsin
Denver > Mankato
Mankato > Omaha
Wisconsin > Denver
Wisconsin > Omaha
Denver > Omaha

Three-way ties

1. Wisconsin, 2. Denver, 3. Mankato
1. Denver, 2. Mankato, 3. Omaha
1. Wisconsin, 2. Mankato, 3. Omaha

Four-way tie

1. Wisconsin, 2. Denver, 3. Mankato, 4. Omaha

So, in other words, Omaha loses every tiebreaker and needs a win against Duluth today to have a shot at hosting a first-round playoff series. A loss or a tie and the Mavs end up on the road.

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  1. joe

    So UND would be a 1 seed in the NCAA tournament right now, which means we’d be sent THOUSANDS of miles away to NH. In that case, I hope we lose tonight! We need them in Kalamazoo or Toledo for maximal fan support to push another frozen four!

  2. siouxfaninbisoncountry

    Maximum fan support? Like they get in Green Bay? Like Xcel last year? I don’t think the potential attendance is as important as the potential draw in the tournament. I love them as a #1 seed. That keeps them away from Minnesota and Miami in the regional.

    1. siouxfan512

      I agree, location is important, but not nearly as important as your draw in the tourney. We always seem to end up in ridiculously competitive regions; let take MN and Miami out of our path until the frozen four or the championship. Of course, unless they play better than last night, they won’t have to worry about getting past the first round.

  3. OK on siouxsports.com the standing show UND listed in 2nd over UM but they have one more win, so who really is in 2nd? Same points different records.


  4. Sled

    The four regionals cause problems every year, namely the horrific crowds, along with not enough reward to top teams for better seasons. Let’s hope the NCAA changes the format where the top 8 teams get to host bottom 8, and then have the super regional before Frozen Four.

  5. UND_Guy_in_NJ

    NCAA is a bureaucratic dinosaur. If anyone thinks they are going to run the hockey tourney any different than basketball is crazy. Such actions would demonstrate logic and forethought. Those are characteristics the NCAA is utterly bankrupt on.

  6. siouxfaninbisoncountry

    Check the stats. 9300 in attendance last year at Xcel against WMU and 10,900 against Minny. Year before there were 4300 in Green Bay when they beat Denver to go to Frozen Four. 6500 in Worcester Mass when they got beat by Yale. Attendance is a crap shoot at best.

  7. siouxram

    Brad if we get the 2 seed and minny the 3 seed. And both move on to final 5. Will minny play Thursday night and with win friday night also? Or does scsu #1 get the night game friday. Minnesota rule?

    1. Sioux4ever

      The whole minnesota rule is a bunch of crap. Why should they get preferential treatment? Sick of the excuse that they can fill the arena. Did anyone see the championship game last year? Sioux fans fill any arena. Their fans should suck it up and take a day off of work.

  8. esox

    Sconnie moves way up with some key losses last night. Them playing Quinnipac in the first round could be the game of the tournament. And Give PWR number 8 BC a fit if they meet in the 2nd round.

  9. joe

    Brad, if you let us know what would be the best for UND, and who to write letters to, I think we could send a few thousand letters there way!

  10. OldTinBarnSiouxfan

    Seeds are the most important in hockey and of course gardening. Let’s plant alot of goals and get the best seed to take MN and Miami out of our map to the big dance!

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