The Waiting Game Begins

The UND women’s hockey team fell short in the WCHA Championship game tonight, losing to 38-0 Minnesota by a 2-0 score.

That means there will be no autobid for UND. It is very possible that UND’s tournament life hinges on the outcome of the Boston University vs. Northeastern game, which will be played at noon today.

UND needs Boston University to win this game to have a shot at the NCAAs.

If the Terriers win, a longtime women’s hockey and Pairwise expert tells me that he thinks UND will get in as the last team.

Right now, USCHO’s Pairwise is showing that UND lost a comparison with St. Lawrence tonight because of the result against Minnesota, but he tells me that he believes the flip in the Pairwise is incorrect, going by how the committee has used record vs. common opponents in the past, and that UND is still tied for eighth with the RPI tiebreaker.

UND will find out its fate at 5 p.m. during a selection show on

Regardless of what happens, the fact that the WCHA could only get one team into the NCAAs will cause for MAJOR discussion this offseason in the annual meetings.

This particular women’s hockey and Pairwise expert (who has a Harvard degree) has been pushing for a change in the selection process for several years to no avail. Part of the problem is that the teams not in the WCHA don’t want the change, because it may make it harder for them to get in. But the change would get the best teams in the tournament.

I’ll post the full e-mail he sent to NCAA coaches two years ago explaining the problem. But for now, keep your eye on BU-Northeastern.

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  1. Sioux4ever

    I think the same crap happens with the men. The nc$$ will do anything to make sure an all wcha frozen four didnt happen again. They throw bracket integrity out the window when they move teams around for attendance. The problem with attendance is they keep having regionals in huge buildings or ridiculous places, not to mention overpriced. They should just start pairing 1/16, 2/15, etc.

  2. Vindy

    I think the WCHA women need to go to a 21 game league slate with three games vs each team. This would be pretty easy as you have good travel partners in UND-Bemidji, Mankato-St. Cloud, UMD-Minnesota, and Wisconsin-Ohio State. The final pairing isn’t ideal, but Friday-Sunday series would be doable. That would open up non-conference games that are really needed to enhance the women’s game. Instead of beating each other up, the WCHA teams can beat eastern teams. This will become even more critical with CHA now at six teams and eligible for an autobid.

  3. Sioux Fan

    Thanks Man! Was at the Gals game last night.. Whatta game it was, The goof girls are STACKED and im not sure if any1 can beat them

    1. Hayduke

      So, if UND gets in, it’s probably at the #8 seed and another trip to Minnesota. One more shot at them. Love to see UND be the one team that beats them all year. All to gain, nothing to lose.

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