MacWilliam Hit On Johnstone

Here’s video of the hit that got Andrew MacWilliam tossed out of the game for contact to the head. According to Midco Sports Network, Tech’s David Johnstone sustained a fractured clavicle on the play.

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  1. WCHA grind

    Contact to the head leading to a broken clavicle? Hmm, sounds more like shoulder to shoulder. I feel bad for Johnstone and wish him a quick recovery, but c’mon. There needs to be something done about these referees… Can you imagine DShep in the NHL??? Half the game would be played on major powerplays! It’s truly a shame to watch players and teams be punished for playing the right way, particularly MacWilliams. He can’t hit anybody in open ice anymore without drawing a major, regardless how clean it is.

  2. Drew

    This summer they should implement video review for major calls. The ref has to call it a major first then check the replay quick to verify that he saw it correctly. Easy fix. We have the technology so lets use it. They already use it the week after the fact to verify continued suspension for dangerous hits.

      1. Nodaker

        Was PaPa Shep involved at all in the conversation? I hope he could atleast here you guys talking about it.

  3. UND_Guy_NJ

    Worst officiated game I have watched all year. Shepard has no business doing the job he does. He disrespects anyone who has ever worn a black and white striped jersey every time he steps onto the ice.

  4. joe

    I’d only be okay with video replay if they stop talking to the coaches! If a coach demands an explanation beyond 20s, it should be a penalty for delay of game. DONE!

    1. SIOUXpucks

      Amen my man. Get on with the games. Tell the coaches that if they’re not satisfied they can do their own internal review and submit a question/complaint to the league office. Make them do a bit of work and do an honest evaluation, instead of letting them whine. If the refs would just take a stand and not tolerate all the BS, call some bench minors if coaches act like children, and call the games tighter if it gets too chippy as a result of frustration, eventually both coaches and players will learn and adapt, and everyone would be better off for it.

  5. Nodak Fan

    I think MacWilliam’s agent/personal advisor better be on the horn to Toronto to see if big Mac can dress for the Leafs tonight because he’s just too big and strong for college hockey.

  6. Ron Seeley

    Agree we need less talking to coaches, but remember, Hak calls refs over as much ot more than most. I’m in the Andy Murray camp myself.

    As for video review, all venues are not equal, so it would vary rink to rink.

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