Johnstone Out For The Year

ESPN’s John Buccigross tweeted that Michigan Tech’s David Johnstone sustained a broken clavicle, bruised lungs, bruised ribs and a separation of sternum on the hit by Andrew MacWilliam last night.

MacWilliam was assessed a five-minute major for contact to the head, but replays show it was a clean hit. A Toronto Maple Leafs scout was on hand Friday night to watch the game and saw MacWilliam’s hit. MacWilliam is a Leafs draft pick.

Nonetheless, Johnstone is out for the year and the Huskies will have to make a lineup change tonight.

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  1. Elkriversioux

    Unfortunate for the player and best of luck with the recovery but it was a hard, clean hit and absolutely ridiculous that the ref’s take the game into their hands by handing out a 5 minute major and taking the captain out of the final 47 minutes of the game.

  2. Doc

    Crunching hit, looked fully clean to me, nothing to the head. McWilliam’s stock went up a bunch, NHL-wise, in spite of the unfortunate injury to Johnstone. The announcers were right that some players are penalized for being too powerful.

  3. Yajji

    Unfortunate for Johnstone’s injury, but that hit was how youth coaches should be teaching players to hit… Text book shoulder to shoulder, and Mac didn’t leave his feet at all… Again, too bad for the injury and too bad Mac, or anyone, gets penalized for a solid clean hit… Hope D Johnstone has a full and speedy recovery!

    1. northdasotan

      You nailed it. I would like to hear the refs comments on the penalty at the time and after seeing the hit. Hope for a speedy recovery for Johnstone.

  4. Onesioux

    Brutal hit, but well within the rules. 5 minute majors are getting out of hand, even the couple that UND has benefited from this season. Refs need a review system. Wish Johnstone the best as he recovers.

    1. Jake

      Except it was Marco Hunt that made the call… From 100 feet away when Shepherd was right there. Marco didn’t see the hit, just the aftermath. You saw how inept Hunt was last night when he wasn’t in position to see Tech’s second goal go in the net, and they had to watch video for five minutes to figure it out.

      Now watch Adam bring these jackasses with him. A friend told me once that all referees suck… tough to dispute that.

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