What Happened?

There was a lot of controversy surrounding an apparent Michigan Tech goal in the first period that was called no goal on the ice and never reviewed. It was weird because nobody reacted like it went in.

If you watch the overhead shot on the replay, it looks clear as day like it went in. If you watch the on-the-ice view, it looks clear as day like it hits the top of the net and pops up. Another possibility is that the puck actually went in the net, off the back bar and through the netting.

Hard to say what actually happened, but it turned out not to matter.

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    1. Roger Federer

      you are wrong. look at the GIF right above your comment.

      you can see that the puck just barely clears the top of the crossbar then it hits the top of the net and popped way up in the air.

      form the overhead view you can’t tell if the puck is above or below the crossbar.

      1. Look at the Youtube video and view the above goal video shot. From above, it looks like you can still see the puck when it is directly aligned with the cross bar. That means it was above it, not below it (then you wouldn’t see the puck), so no goal.

      2. RR

        So how does the puck change direction? Backspin? The puck couldn’t reverse direction like it did if it went over the net. The only way that happens is if the puck hits the netting and bounces back out.

        1. Yajji

          The puck went under Forborts (6’5″) arm and deflected down off of Forbort. Plus, the ref was in excellent position to make the correct call of no goal…

  1. Doug

    Please take my word for it, I had a very good viewpoint of the entire play. I went over the top of the bar and pops up. This is why there was no reaction by players that it went in, either. One more thing, if it had went in the Tech players would have argued and convince their coach to do the same.

    Boom, case closed.

  2. UND_Guy_in_NJ

    Sat 5 rows up directly in line with that side (section 111) and our whole group saw it plain as day – hit top of net and bounced – not even close to a goal.

  3. Elkriversioux

    Overhead replay (shown 5 times last night) showed it was CLEARLY a goal. Puck went in and hit back crossbar, absolutely clear as day. Sioux got a break but it didn’t matter.

      1. Badley

        Was in section 111 too. Never even close. Never went in. Even The 6 year old next to me said no goal, but wondered why Forbert was trying to swat it in our net. Scarry to think the overhead view would have been used & might have ruled it a goal

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