UND’s Recent Game 3s

Here’s a quick sampling of UND’s most recent Game 3s in the first round of the WCHA playoffs. UND faces another one tonight against Michigan Tech.

UND has won seven straight Game 3s (all seven of those were played at home). The last time it lost one was in 1992 against Minnesota (in Minneapolis).

2010: UND 4, Minnesota 1. Jason Gregoire had the eventual GWG. Matt Frattin also scored and made the big hit on Kevin Wehrs that everyone remembers.

2008: UND 2, Michigan Tech 1. The Huskies led 1-0 in this game, but T.J. Oshie scored back-to-back goals and UND held Tech to just 11 shots on goal.

2006: UND 3, MSU-Mankato 0. Travis Zajac scored twice and Chris Porter once, while Jordan Parise posted a 32-save shutout.

2003: UND 3, Denver 2, OT. Nick Fuher scored a goal on a blast from the point with 1:04 left in the first overtime to lift UND to back-to-back OT wins against the Pioneers. The goal came on Fuher’s birthday. Zach Parise also had a goal and an assist in the game.

2001: UND 4, Duluth 0: Karl Goehring posted a 25-save shutout as teammates Ryan Bayda, Kevin Spiewak, Jason Notermann and Jeff Panzer all scored goals.

2000: UND 9, Denver 4: Jason Ulmer had three goals and six points as UND crushed the Pioneers in Game 3.

1999: UND 10, Mankato State 0: No box score available.

1992: Minnesota 3, UND 1: No box score available.

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    1. Wait...What?

      They beat Denver in 2003, as illustrated in his blog post.

      Maybe this will quiet down the chicken littles, especially seeing that even teams coached by Dean Blais played in game 3’s. Even at home. Even teams that went on to win the NATIONAL TITLE! You got that http://www.siouxsports.com forum posters?

  1. Go Sioux

    This team has strong talent. The issue is they have no team leadership. Our captains don’t set the tone for the game and there is no fire in their bellies. They are content playing average hockey at times and getting beat by teams like MT. That was the thing with Mario Lamoureux that most didn’t recognize, he played every game at 150% and the rest of the team followed. A lazy performance was not even an option with him. What message does this send to our freshmen…..not a good one. MacWilliams needs to set the tone….If not him then Kristo or Knight.

  2. Sioux Fan3.0

    I agree 100% with what you just said Go Sioux MAN. I feel like the are just relying on the home crowd to get themselves in the game rather than just plain wanting it the entire 60 minutes of the game… Its gotta come from within too boys!!! Lets’ Go

      1. northdasotan

        Kid has been a stud all weekend. The rest of the team needs to follow. Tech played very well last night to get the win. UND needs to step it up a notch.

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