The final Final Five is set

UND clinched one last trip to St. Paul and the WCHA Final Five with Sunday night’s 6-0 win over Michigan Tech. The pairings are set for the event.


MSU-Mankato vs. Wisconsin, 2 p.m.
Colorado College vs. North Dakota, 7 p.m.


Minnesota State-Wisconsin winner vs. St. Cloud State, 2 p.m.
Colorado College-North Dakota winner vs. Minnesota, 7 p.m.


Championship, 7 p.m.

33 thoughts on “The final Final Five is set

  1. UND could use 2 wins to possibly move up to top 4 in Pariwise. Losing early may drop to 9 or 10?

  2. How does everyone in the world except Dan Hammer know that the WCHA tourney re-seats after the first round. He has to feel pretty stupid this morning.

    • Dan also believes every shot farther than 15 feet away for the goal is from the “point”. I miss Sweeney.

      • Hammer is the biggest moron I have ever heard on the air…he is almost even with LaPanta in my book. When they were talking about envisioning Canadian cities based on their name I almost ‘Stone-Cold Stunnered’ my TV.

    • Probably the same way that you don’t know that the term is re-seeds, not re-seats.

  3. Speaking of stupid. Are you asking about the seating arrangements or do you mean seeding?

  4. To be fair to Dan he was reading from a press release from the WCHA or UND. They must have assumed Denver was going to close out CC. At least he got one more “offensive minded defenseman” in along with some nonexistant “onetimers”. And his obligatory “youngest member of the Fargo Force” Doesn’t he realize that the same people are watching each broadcast?

  5. Do you think Dan feels better or worse than someone questioning the intelligence of others while calling re-seeding re-seating. I think Dan’s doing a great job.

  6. Well, now that everything is good with the team I guess it’s time to start ripping Hammer again! :-)

  7. I may have mixed up re-seat and re-seed but I must have blacked out when Midco hired me to do the play by play. And I’d love to see the press release he was referring to during the game. Its the little stupid things that Hammer does (Sweeney would constantly make rube comments too) that lower the quality of the broadcast to bush league status. They need to loop Hennessy’s call into the TV feed.

    • Why is it that announcers always get thrown under the bus by the fans? If he’s that bad turn down the volumn on the TV and tune in to Hennessy broadcast. Problem fix *shrugs*

  8. I think Both Hammer and Kober have made huge improvements through this season. Do I miss Sweeney and Scanlan…..Yeah, but these guys are doing a fine job.

    • I never did like Scanlan, hi color commentary reminds me exactly of Jason Bateman’s character in Dodgeball.

      Pat: MacWilliam will take 2 for roughing
      Jim: Yeah Pat, I think he’ll go to the box on that one

      Pat: Frattin with a burst of speed moves in on a breakaway!
      Jim: Yeah Pat, he looked pretty quick there

      Cotton (Gary Cole): and Average Joes will forfeight the match
      Pepper (Bateman): Yeah Cotton, its a bold strategy; lets see how it works out for them.

      I think of Bateman every time i hear Scanlan talk.

  9. i may get yelled at but i think IF they are assured of getting in the ncaa’s i would almost want them to loose on thursday. think about it, if they won, that would be at least 5 games played from friday to friday. if they loose, they would get at least a week off to rest up for the ncaa tournament. with all the regional sites being near detroit and boston it doesn’t matter where you are seeded this year as long as you get in. seems like in the past the team exerts so much energy on the wcha tournament that by the ncaa’s they aren’t up to snuff.

    • It’s definitely a valid argument. I believe it was 2005 when Denver missed the WCHA Final Five, got rested up and won 4 straight to win the NC.

    • I think we all think of this once the time comes and our guys look out of gas.

    • Did you mean lose? I never want the Sioux to lose. Not one time. Ever.

      Should they play loose? Won’t dispute that.

      • loose or lose. i want them to win the game on thursday. these are college kids. they don’t have to play a gazillion games a year. pretty sure these guys want to make it to the nhl… where they play multiple nights a week and usually in different cities. im sure they will be just fine. gassed is not an excuse.

  10. St Cloud has to be ripped they aren’t getting the night game. Why not? I thought the Goofers-get-night-game policy was rescinded a while ago and that the #1 seed gets it.

    • Gawd. Every year with this. Scsu actually would get MORE rest if they were to win Friday afternoon.

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