Maris’ Moment Gets National Attention

The story that unfolded Sunday night at Ralph Engelstad Arena — Tate Maris entering a game for the first time after four years as the third-string goalie — is getting attention elsewhere in the United States and in Canada.

Hockey Night in Canada reporter Elliotte Friedman tweeted a link to Tom Miller’s column and said “Great story from University of North Dakota.”

The San Jose Mercury News also picked it up.

On Monday, it was by far the most-read story on the Herald’s website and as of early Tuesday morning, it was still the top-read story. Here are a couple of video clips from his appearance.

8 Responses

  1. Matt

    Does anyone have the video clip of Tate from after the game?? I heard he stopped before leaving the ice and went back and saluted the fans……..I had stepped out of the room and missed it.

  2. keikla

    As it should. I think as a fan, that’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen since I started following UND hockey. I know grown men who literally squealed in excitement when Tate opened the door to take the ice.

  3. StuckDownSouth

    John Buccigross from ESPN also retweeted a link that had a link to a video of Tate taking the ice. The comment was walk on waited 4 years to play 4 minutes. Very cool.

  4. torchbearer

    Yah, what a story — Tate will have to write a book about his journey at UND and those surreal 4 minutes. Brad, maybe you could collaborate with him on it :-). A good off-season project.

  5. MMM

    It was one of the neatest things that I got to experience at a game! The reaction from the fans AND the players was just so awesome, this is supposed to be what team sports are about. Coach made the right call!

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