Weekly Wednesday Update

It was a strange week of practice for UND.

Because of the Sunday game against Michigan Tech and the quick turnaround for a Thursday night game in the Xcel Energy Center, UND did not have any grinding practices this week.

Usually, that’s reserved for Tuesday.

Instead, UND took Monday off to recover from the series, practiced Tuesday in The Ralph, then hopped on the bus and drove to St. Paul on Tuesday evening.

UND will practice at the Xcel Energy Center today and will get ready for a quarterfinal game against Colorado College tomorrow night.

The Tigers split four games with UND this season, so this is the rubber match. While the Tigers have been giving up a lot of shots on goal, netminder Joe Howe has taken control of that position and has been very good. He stopped 78 of 82 shots in CC’s wins over the Pioneers in the first round.

For Wednesday’s paper, I wrote a feature on Danny Kristo, who has always been a Sioux fan and is living out a dream by playing for UND. More on that later.

For Thursday’s paper, we’ll have a graphic in honor of the last Final Five and a story on some feelings about that.

That’s all for now, but you can check out this week’s live chat below.

3 Responses

  1. joe

    These are always the hardest games to want them to win. So if they win Thursday, they have to play crazy to slap the gophers, then go hardcore to win the title. Then only have 5 days to rest to play a team that’s had two weeks to get focused. I almost hope they lose to the gophers so they get some extra rest and have a nice fresh reminder of why they need to play hard against championship teams.

  2. Waterlover

    What?? Who gets two weeks to rest? Nearly every team (sans Denver) in the NCAA tourney next week will be playing in their conference tourney this weekend. If you want the Sioux, er sorry, UND to have more rest, have them lose to CC.

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