Kristo: Always A UND Fan

Growing up in the Twin Cities and Carmel, Ind., you wouldn’t expect Danny Kristo to be a UND fan. Yet ever since he was young, that’s the team he followed and dreamed of playing for some day.

Read the full story on Kristo here.

His family sent me some pictures of young Danny, and they show he was a big Sioux fan from the start.

Kristo wearing a North Dakota sweatshirt with the Blackhawk-type logo in Grade 3, while living in Indiana:

Kristo wearing the geometric Sioux logo while in 7th grade, recovering from a broken collar bone:

Kristo with the new logo after he moved to Minnesota:

And just for good measure, Kristo was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens. Here he is at 4 months.

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  1. Dustin

    A lot of people have ragged on Danny Kristo for various reasons, but I never did – I always like him, but never quite knew why, but now I know. I think Kristo will be my fav Sioux for several years to come.

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