Gameday Final: CC 4, UND 3, OT

TONIGHT’S VIEWING: FSN North, DirecTV 668, Dish Network 436. No webcast. Audiocast on Lineup notes: No changes for UND. Full lines and live chat are below.

First period

Colorado College 1, UND 0 — Rylan Schwartz (Cody Bradley, William Rapuzzi) 3:06 (pp). Bradley cuts across the crease area and pulls Saunders out of his net. Bradley then throws a no-look, behind-the-back pass through Gleason to Schwartz, who has a tap-in backdoor.

Colorado College 1, UND 1 — Drake Caggiula (Rocco Grimaldi, Carter Rowney) 14:23. Rowney wins the puck along the wall and dishes to Grimaldi in the circle. Grimaldi starts a mini two-on-one and feeds to Caggiula, who beats Howe stick side. It’s Caggiula’s first goal since the Minnesota series and second since the OT GWG in Springs.

UND 2, Colorado College 1 — Danny Kristo (Brendan O’Donnell) 19:50. Kristo steals the puck from Stoykewych in the corner, circles the net until he gets to the left circle, then snaps one past Howe on the stick side.

Second period

UND 2, Colorado College 2 — Alexander Krushelnyski (Rylan Schwartz) 7:54 (sh). Schwartz wins a battle along the wall. Krushelnyski reads it nicely and starts darting the other way. Schwartz hits him with the pass and Krushelnyski gains space with his great speed and puts it away glove side.

Third period

Colorado College 3, UND 2 — Hunter Fejes (Andrew Hamburg) 3:42. UND turns the puck over at the offensive blue line and Fejes skates in the zone 1 on 1, releases a shot from the top of the dots and it beats Saunders. He probably wants that one back.

Colorado College 3, UND 3 — Drake Caggiula (Colten St. Clair, Andrew MacWilliam) 12:45. Caggiula makes a great zone entry and a nifty dish to St. Clair, who was rushing up the right wing. St. Clair shoots one far pad and Caggiula jumps on it and ties the game.


Colorado College 4, UND 3 — Peter Stoykewych (Peter Maric, Jeff Collett) 4:52. The Tigers win a faceoff back to Stoykewych, who launches a point shot through a ton of traffic and in for the winner.

UND’s lines

21 Brendan O’Donnell–10 Corban Knight–7 Danny Kristo
19 Rocco Grimaldi–27 Carter Rowney–15 Michael Parks
25 Mitch MacMillan–16 Mark MacMillan–13 Connor Gaarder
9 Drake Caggiula–28 Stephane Pattyn–17 Colten St. Clair

2 Andrew MacWilliam–18 Dillon Simpson
4 Derek Forbort–24 Jordan Schmaltz
5 Nick Mattson–20 Joe Gleason

33 Clarke Saunders
31 Zane Gothberg
35 Tate Maris

Colorado College’s lines

16 Alexander Krushelnyski–13 Rylan Schwartz–17 Charlie Taft
12 Archie Skalbeck–25 Scott Winkler–27 William Rapuzzi
11 Hunter Fejes–10 Cody Bradley–15 Andrew Hamburg
22 Peter Maric–21 Jeff Collett–24 Jared Hanson

6 Peter Stoykewych–28 Mike Boivin
5 Aaron Harstad–7 Eamonn McDermott
20 Ian Young–4 Joe Marciano

31 Joe Howe
39 Josh Thorimbert
29 Courtney Lockwood

15 Responses

  1. HHH

    cant wait to read schlossmans whinning and crying and excuses in the paper friday I can see it now UND outshot CC and the winning goal was of mattson not the CC player

    1. What?! He’s going to say UND outshot CC and that the winning goal was off of Mattson’s leg?! Next thing you know, he’s probably going to say the score was 4-3, that Rylan Schwartz had two points and Drake Caggiula had two goals. What lunacy!

  2. Beaz

    Actually Gleason should pull his head out. Turnover led to the shorty, failed to get a puck deep led to #3. Two goals all on a senior. Time to step up. Go FIGHTING SIOUX!

  3. Sioux in the Cities

    I haven’t seen enough games to have a say in who I think SHOULD be playing goalie, but I personally was surprised Zane didn’t start tonight. Just what I was expecting.

  4. WCHA Grind

    I agree with Sioux4ever… Additionally, hats off to Joe Howe. He won that game for CC; he made some unreal saves.
    We need our boys to rest up and come out and play in the NCAA tourney the same way we did last Sunday, and the same way we did for stretches of the 1st and 3rd period tonight.

  5. Redwing77

    The goaltending this year simply baffles me. You have Gothberg who plays absolutely lights out for a while and then lets in a garbage goal like the last game he played in. Wha? Then you have Saunders who plays very well at great stretches and then lets in a baffler as well.

    It’s like our goaltenders have ADD. When they’re focused, they’re great but they get distracted and well… ooops.

    Truly, the goaltender of the game was Howe. He got shelled by UND and did well. At point point Saunders only faced 17 shots on goal and let 3 behind him.

    Sorry, but if you are giving up less than 15 shots in almost 3/4ths of a game and still have given up 3 goals… not a good night.


      Well said, both Gothberg and Saunders get caught sleeping a lot. They are great most of the time but have epic failures.

  6. Viking1

    The “goaltending geniuses” are at it again. You would tell us if you’d had strokes recently, wouldn’t you?

  7. Brad Schloss-woman

    I’m just excited we get to rest for the NCAA. We cant win every year. It was an amazing run – getting the last three Broadmoor Trophies – all of which were memorable.

    Down 0-2 in the first minute and coming back to beat SCSU.

    Double overtime to see our beloved Frattin on one knee, knocking in a stray rebound.

    A shocking 0-3 turned around and became a 6 unanswered goal frenzy.

    A great last few years in the WCHA.

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