Big Upsets Alter NCAA Picture

There are upsets galore across the board in college hockey’s postseason tournaments.

And maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

Has there really been a dominant team or a dominant group of teams this year? I don’t think so. I don’t think any national champion — unless it is from Atlantic Hockey — will surprise me.

It’s wide open, and that is very evident in watching the conference tournaments play out right now.

This is not a good scenario for teams on the bubble.

UND fans can breathe easy — the team is in the tournament. Other locks are Quinnipiac, Minnesota, Miami, Boston College, Denver, New Hampshire and UMass-Lowell. Six others have a shot at an at-large bid, but their dreams could be ruined if there are more upset winners.

The WCHA tournament champion will be a team that cannot get an at-large bid. Either Colorado College or Wisconsin will sneak into the tournament via an outstanding playoff run.

The ECAC and Atlantic Hockey also are guaranteed to have winners who cannot get at-large bids: either Brown or Union in the ECAC and either Mercyhurst or Canisius in Atlantic Hockey.

Upset winners are possible in the other two leagues, too: Boston University in Hockey East and either Ohio State or Michigan in the CCHA.

For a full breakdown of probabilities, check out Jim Dahl’s outstanding work on

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  1. Sled

    So last night, Minnesota’s radio color announcer, threw out his ‘conspiracy theory, while his beloved Gophers were getting booed, that it was ‘Green fans’ booing, suggesting Gopher fans would never boo their team – ugh!

    1. Sioux4Ever

      I wish we could get some unbiased announcers for the tv. These goophs announcers give no credit to the other teams. Doug mcloud was balls deep in the goophs last night.

  2. Nodak Fan

    St. Cloud State fans waiting all these years to finally win a MacNaughton Cup and when they do, the don’t make the NCAA field.
    It seems wrong for a team to win (tie) for the regular season crown in arguably the toughest conference in college hockey and don’t make the NCAA field. I know some bad non-conference losses is what’s keeping them out, but somehow it just doesn’t seem right. Then again, CC had the rug pulled out from under them back in the mid-1990s when they won the WCHA regular season title and were upset in the opening round and then didn’t get an at-large bid. At that time, though, only 12 teams made the tourney.

    1. Nodak Fan

      I should clarify. St. Cloud still has a shot at getting in, but my point being, they really shouldn’t be on the bubble.

  3. Sioux4ever

    Numbers don’t lie. Scsu’s non conference was terrible. Everyone that had a chance to win the wcha has way better records for non conference. That’s why they are in.

  4. Devo

    As an avid SCSU fan, it’s hard to fathom that the joy of finally experiencing the MacNaughton Cup may vanish with sitting out the NCAA tournament.

    Wow, what a terrific run through the WCHA it was this year with many high energy games against top-end teams UND, UM and the rest.

    Then, there’s that non-conference schedule, most of which was post-Christmas holiday, where even as a fan it’s hard to get excited about, and they went flat. And, that very well may cost the Huskies severely, especially with the conference tournament upsets taking place around the country.

    It just doesn’t seem right. But, as Bob Motzko said, there’s lessons for his team to be learned here.

    1. There’s lessons for every team in the country to learn with this. It shows how important the nonconference games are. They will only be more important next season for the NCHC teams because they will beat up on each other in conference play. I still believe SCSU will get in the NCAAs, but it has to be unnerving to watch.

  5. Chicago UND Fan

    I feel for SCSU players being on the bubble because they basically kicked butt in the WCHA. Probably the best SCSU team I have seen in awhile. But I ran into a lot of overly cocky SCSU fans this weekend and being on the bubble may be the worlds revenge against those fans.

  6. Sioux Fan3.0

    Brad, so do you suggest powder-puffing the non-conference schedule like the gophers do? It seems to me that their AD does a good job of that in football and hockey.. Who pays another school $800,000 to get out of a game? Way off topic I know

    1. Mack Enroe

      But on the other hand, you lose to a cupcake and it is going to hurt you a lot more than losing to a team like BU. Double edged sword. Easiest thing to do i just take care of business non-conference wise.

    2. Pete

      Umm . . . The Gophers beat Michigan State (x2), Boston College and Notre dame by a combined 26-4! That’s powder puff?

  7. OldTinBarnSiouxfan

    Kudos to CC in the shutout of the Rodents! Hope the Rodents enjoyed eating their ‘Golden Goose’ eggs this morning. Hoping CC takes the Broadmoor back to Colorado Springs where it originated by the Penrose family, owners of the famous Broadmoor Hotel (original hotel opened in 1891 and has espanded greatly since that time). Been there and it’s amazing.

  8. joe

    My wife and I are going to take our 4 year old and 1 year old to the games next weekend in either Toledo or Kalamazoo. Anyone know if our children need tickets?

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