My Best Guess For NCAAs

Here’s what I came up with tonight. Let me know if you think I screwed up somewhere and why. I’m not as good as others at coming up with this stuff, so take that under consideration.

The only game left is the Michigan-Notre Dame CCHA title game.


(1) Quinnipiac vs. (4) Canisius
(2) Notre Dame vs. (3) Denver

(1) Miami vs. (4) St. Cloud State
(2) Boston College vs. (3) Union

Grand Rapids
(1) Minnesota vs. (4) Michigan
(2) North Dakota vs. (3) Niagara

(1) UMass-Lowell vs. (4) Wisconsin
(2) New Hampshire vs. (3) MSU-Mankato


(1) Quinnipiac vs. (4) Canisius
(2) Boston College vs. (3) MSU-Mankato

(1) Notre Dame vs. (4) St. Cloud State
(2) Miami vs. (3) Union

Grand Rapids
(1) Minnesota vs. (4) Yale
(2) North Dakota vs. (3) Niagara

(1) UMass-Lowell vs. (4) Wisconsin
(2) New Hampshire vs. (3) Denver

The other possibility is putting the North Dakota-Niagara game in Providence and moving Boston College-Mankato to Grand Rapids. Does the committee try to draw extra attendance by putting BC in Providence, or does it go by numbers and put North Dakota there? I think that’s the biggest question.

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  1. Keikla

    If that projection is even close to accurate, I would imagine that all gopher fans become HUGE Notre Dame fans tomorrow. I don’t think anyone wants to face Michigan right now.

    1. Viking1

      Dead-on. Michigan is pretty scary right now for a team that was written off long ago. Regardless, the Sioux should put a good thumping on Viagra…. 🙂

      1. Redwingz19

        After that game against Yale a few years ago, I don’t think I would ever make a prediction like that. Especially with all of the parity in men’s college hockey now.

  2. realist

    Pretty good picks especially putting und and rodents in same bracket for a sure elimination. Only mistake I see is one bracket will have no WCHA teams as that has been the norm since the all-WCHA frozen four!!

  3. Eric

    College hockey news has the following bracket if Notre Dame wins tomorrow:

    Providence: 1. Quinnipiac vs. 16. Canisius / 8. North Dakota vs. 10. Niagara
    Grand Rapids: 2. Minnesota vs. 15. Yale / 6. Boston College vs. 11. Minnesota State
    Manchester: 3. Mass.-Lowell vs. 14. Wisconsin / 7. New Hampshire vs. 9. Denver
    Toledo: 4. Notre Dame vs. 13. St. Cloud State / 5. Miami vs. 12. Union

    Their methodology is here:

  4. Kory

    Lowell vs Wisconsin in the first round. Hockey East Champs vs. WCHA Champs. Two of the hottest teams in the country right now. Sounds more like Frozen Four game than first round but ok then. Shows how strange the Pairwise can really be.

    1. Redwingz19

      It makes sense though due to their seeding. The seeds are based on the entire season, not sure the last few weeks. I’m more disappointed that we might get stuck against the gophs again if we win the first night haha.

  5. suture

    Here is the good thing. Right now UND can’t say much about any bracket because they, well, haven’t won enough. But, UND is rested for the first time in at least 10 years so they have a chance to beat anybody….if they play their best. The only problem is the “if” in….if they play their best. UND has to have one of their goalies get hot….this is the ONLY way UND will do anything. The D have to man up and get the puck out of our end. If these two things happen UND can beat anyone on the ice sheet. We shall see…..

  6. Nodak Fan

    Well, if the committee goes for “attendance purposes” over “bracket integrity ” and puts BC in the Providence regional, they might as well ship the NCAA trophy to Chestnut Hill, MA and save us the trouble of watching the next few weeks.
    Let’s over integrity? What do you think the NCAA is going to do?

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