Bracket Revealed: UND Vs. Niagara

UND will play Niagara in the first round of the NCAA tournament in Grand Rapids at 4:30 p.m. Friday.

(1) Quinnipiac vs. (4) Canisius, 4:30 p.m. Saturday
(2) Boston College vs. (3) Union, 8 p.m. Saturday

(1) Notre Dame vs. (4) St. Cloud State, 12:30 p.m. Saturday
(2) Miami vs. (3) MSU-Mankato, 4 p.m. Saturday

(1) Minnesota vs. (4) Yale, 1 p.m. Friday
(2) North Dakota vs. (3) Niagara, 4:30 p.m. Friday

(1) UMass-Lowell vs. (4) Wisconsin, 3:30 p.m. Friday
(2) New Hampshire vs. (3) Denver, 7 p.m. Friday

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    1. Viking1

      Boy, its going to be a tough one to predict. On paper it looks like the Sioux and Quinipiac got the softy draws, but that can blow up in an awful hurry. Lowell vs Wisconsin may be the two highest peaking teams in the country right now….

      1. zapper

        Agreed, whoever wins the Northeast Regional will have earned it. Glad BC has to go through Quinipiac

        1. Viking1

          They might not get by Union. Grosenick has been as hot as Joe Howe was for CC, and they finally found their scoring touch too. I’m tempted to pick a Canisius upset of Quinpiac, but that might be a bit of a stretch. The Goophers only beat them 1-0 back in October though, and they’ve been on fire since…

    1. I show the 4:30 game (UND vs Niagra) as being televised by ESPNU live and then they are switching over to the Eastern game at 7pm. As someone else mentioned, the other regional games may also be on, but not live.

  1. Sioux1

    As usual… Bracket integrity thrown out the window. I would have rather seen the Sioux out East to maintain that as we know from the past despite these attendence considerations, the attendence still stinks in most regionals.

  2. po'd

    what a bunch of garbage. i would like to congratulate minnesota on making the frozen four and hopefully bc will take you out again.

  3. Nodak Fan

    Hopefully, both West Regional games are televised on ESPNU. I have a feeling, though, the Wisconsin-UMass game from Manchester on Friday afternoon will bump UND-Niagara off the ESPNU and relegate to ESPN3.

    After all, we’re talking about a BIG 10 school.

  4. UND Fan

    Why isn’t Michigan in it this year? I thought they beat Miami during the CCHA tournament to get the AQ?

    1. Wes in Denver

      They lost to Notre Dame this afternoon in the conference tournament… and didn’t have a good enough record to earn an “at-large” bid.

    2. SiouxperKev

      Umm… maybe its because Michigan stinks. they were a 7 seed in the weak CCHA conference tourney.

  5. SiouxperKev

    YALE… YALE… YALE… doesnt have quite the same ring as HOLY CROSS… HOLY CROSS… HOLY CROSS…, but damn would I like to see that happen.

  6. WCHA grind

    Can someone quick explain why the NCAA selection committee is so focused on attendance when making their picks on where teams go, yet this year EVERY SINGLE REGIONAL (including the “west” and “Midwest” regionals) take place in the Eastern Time zone locations.

    However, focusing on ATTENDANCE, the WCHA had the top FIVE average attendances in college hockey across the nation, yet the NCAA has placed the regionals in locations far from where obviously the majority of college hockey fans are located.

    It’s laughable when they are worried about attendance when making their selections, yet attendance at an entire regional tournament located in Providence can’t compare to a regular season weekend of WCHA hockey seeing Michigan Tech play the Sioux at the Ralph.

    Brad, how long until we at least see #1 seeds hosting regionals? That will boost attendance AND reward teams for earning their #1 seed.

  7. WCHA grind

    Yikes! That last post/rant was all over the place and poorly written. I hope my point is somewhat apparent though… Mountain/Central US = Attendance and fan base; Eastern US = Regional Locations; these things do not match.

    1. Just Bob

      Schools and/or conferences bid on the right to host NCAA Regionals in hockey. It is the schools that make the most attractive proposals that get the bids. One issue is that the NCAA Committee has chosen to not let schools host regionals in on-campus facilities. That keeps schools like Denver (Magness Arena) and UND (Engelstad Arena) from hosting. Denver could certainly rent the Pepsi Center (home of the Avs) but it would be cost prohibitive. That’s the reason Boston College and Boston University host regionals in Worcester, MA.

      In my opinion, the NCAA needs to quit worrying about attendance when they start seeding teams (except for a host school being placed in their own regional). College hockey fans will travel to reasonably close regional no matter who is playing.

      1. WCHA Grind

        Thank you for the reply. I didn’t realize the “on-campus” rule existed. Ha, I guess thats a good way to limit attendance to college hockey? Anyways, I agree, too much stock is put into attendance at locations that are pre-determined to fail. I’d rather have bracket integrity with a blend of conferences represented in different regionals.

  8. Morley

    Anyone else notice that none of the 6 wcha teams are in the same regional as BC. One way to make sure that it isn’t an all WCHA tourney again.

  9. Wayne

    Good news, and bad news. Just went through ESPN U’s TV schedule and it looks like they’ll be televising all 12 games of the regionals. The ones that aren’t shown live are being showed delayed. Our region looks like all 3 games are shown live. The bad news is that the West region championship game follows not one, but two live lacrosse games. Need I say more?

    1. tadder52

      bahahaha. +1

      Not exactly impressed with the brackets and how they shaped up, but its about what everyone figured the committee would do.

    2. J J

      I recall a couple years the Sioux played after a Lacrosse game that went into tripple over time. What a joke for ESPN to join the Sioux game half way into the second period. Another time the Sioux game airing on ESPN was delayed by some Texas high school football game that looked like there were about 2000 fans in the statdium and most likely about 20k Sioux fans watching on TV waiting to see the Sioux play.
      ESPN should not be allowed to air college hockey or any hockey for that matter.

    3. Trickey7

      No you don’t. That is funny and scary at the same time. Lacrosse blows! I have never ripped off a nasty email like the one i did to ESPN that fateful lacrosse day. I lost it!!!

    1. SportsDoc

      4, actually.

      Western Michigan, Duluth, Omaha and CC are not in the field. UND, DU, Miami and St. Cloud are in.

  10. suture

    If you look at these regionals I think UND is in a great situation. You have to assume we are going to win. Well, if they beat Niagara and then beat MN (they should beat Yale) UND will be in great shape for the FF. Rested and coming off a big win against MN should put the boys in a great position to win the whole thing. Remember, you don’t have to be the best team in the country to win the NT. Look at 2 years ago…..we lost to MI due to a goalie playing out of his mind. UND is sitting just fine…..

  11. Sioux-per-man

    Too bad Lucia couldn’t schedule the regionals without the Sioux in his bracket. Nothing (outside of #8) would make me happier, than to beat the Gophers the “last” time we play them!

    Going to be the game of the tournament.


  12. GSW

    We would have loved to go to this tournament. However, I just checked on airfares from Grand Forks, and the cheapest flight I found was $745 and it would take 12 hours to get there. Grand Rapids is about 900 miles away, so it would take more than 14 hours to drive there. On an Easter weekend this isn’t making much sense. Why on earth are all the regionals so far away from the people who travel the best!

  13. Kroger

    Which teams are hosting each regional? I know UNH is hosting the Manchester regional, but I’m unsure of the rest. Thanks in advance!

  14. Dave

    It’s a crime that the NC$$ awards the television bid to ESPN and then let’s them broadcast some of the games tape delayed.

    College hockey deserves better.

    1. Wayne

      They could if they wanted to. There are other ESPN channels they could use but they don’t. ESPN 3 (for those who have it) does the ones live that are being taped delayed but the problem boils down to the time overlap of all the games. Doing them all live utilizing another of their channels would appease a lot of fans I’m sure.

  15. In the past, anything not on ESPNU Live, is available to local markets to buy and show live in their areas. Fox Sports North has done this in the past for their “local” WCHA teams.

    We are fortunate this year in that both our Regional games (if we get 2) will be broadcast live by ESPNU. That has not always been true in the past.

  16. chad

    it is my understanding then that should we be playing in both games, the local grand forks market and surrounding areas will not be able to pick up the broadcasts and fans won’t be able to see the games unless they have ESPNU?

    1. SportsDoc


      Though, if you don’t have it personally, there will be any number of establishments that will have ESPNU available, regardless of where you live.

    2. Richard

      The local Grand Forks market has ESPNU and ESPNU HD. It’s in the preferred package (no extra sports pack needed!).

      Or if you just have Midco basic, you can watch on or with their Watch ESPN streams, apps and more.

      I sound like a salesman, but it’s pretty easy to get these days.

      1. WCHA Grind

        I have MidCo basic, and as far as Sunday night’s selection broadcast anyways, MidCo subscribers have access to ESPN3, but NOT ESPNU. I do not believe basic MidCo subscribers will have access to ESPNU, even when using the watchESPN website.

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