UND Sports Zone Show: Men’s hockey at the NCAA West Regionals

Join Herald sports writers Brad Elliott Schlossman, Tom Miller and Wayne Nelson as they talk UND men’s hockey.

4 thoughts on “UND Sports Zone Show: Men’s hockey at the NCAA West Regionals

  1. Hey Brad… I try read most of your blog and follow the replies pretty hard… I have a question that I think is interesting and haven’t seen it asked:

    When was the last time in the Final Five Championship game that both teams needed the win to get them into the NCAA’s?

    I don’t know the answer, but it has to be a long time if ever?

    • I’m guessing the last time two teams that played in the Final Five championship that needed the win to advance to the NCAA playoffs was in 2006, UND beat SCSU 5-3. UND was a 4 seed that year and SCSU was a 6 seed….so not positive on that. Here’s a link that has all the results of the Final Five games:


  2. Wisconsin will be a tough team to tangle with, it better play with the lead. The Badgers’ style is not racehorse hockey.

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