UND Sports Zone Show: Men’s Hockey At The NCAA West Regionals

Join Herald sports writers Brad Elliott Schlossman, Tom Miller and Wayne Nelson as they talk UND men’s hockey.

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  1. Yajji

    Hey Brad… I try read most of your blog and follow the replies pretty hard… I have a question that I think is interesting and haven’t seen it asked:

    When was the last time in the Final Five Championship game that both teams needed the win to get them into the NCAA’s?

    I don’t know the answer, but it has to be a long time if ever?

    1. Mark Kauk

      I’m guessing the last time two teams that played in the Final Five championship that needed the win to advance to the NCAA playoffs was in 2006, UND beat SCSU 5-3. UND was a 4 seed that year and SCSU was a 6 seed….so not positive on that. Here’s a link that has all the results of the Final Five games:


  2. Nodak Fan

    Wisconsin will be a tough team to tangle with, it better play with the lead. The Badgers’ style is not racehorse hockey.

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