Gameday Final: Yale 4, UND 1

TODAY’S VIEWING: ESPNU. Some people are saying is being blacked out. I don’t know what’s up with that. Lineup notes: Big surprise is that Zane Gothberg is out with an “undisclosed ailment” and Clarke Saunders is starting. Grimaldi starts up on the top line. Full lines and live chat are below.

First period

UND 1, Yale 0 — Corban Knight (Andrew MacWilliam, Derek Forbort) 7:22. Knight enters the zone, turns a Yale defenseman inside out and skates by him wide, then snaps a shot past Malcolm on the glove side.

Second period

No scoring.

Third period

UND 1, Yale 1 — Josh Balch (Anthony Day, Stu Wilson) 12:25. Day has the puck in the corner and throws one to the front of the net. Saunders makes the initial stop, but Balch is there to put away the rebound.

Yale 2, UND 1 — Jesse Root (Andrew Miller, Tommy Fallen) 15:04 (pp). Yale capitalizes on a final rush on the power play. Root skates across the zone and gains the puck on the top of the left circle and snaps a shot off the post and in.

Yale 3, UND 1 — Stu Wilson (Anthony Day) 17:39. Yale enters the zone on a 3-on-1 rush. Day takes the shot from the left side. Saunders makes the initial save, but Wilson bats the rebound out of the air.

Yale 4, UND 1 — Kenny Agostino 19:00. Yale finishes it off with an empty-netter.

UND’s lines

19 Rocco Grimaldi–10 Corban Knight–7 Danny Kristo
16 Mark MacMillan–27 Carter Rowney–15 Michael Parks
9 Drake Caggiula–28 Stephane Pattyn–17 Colten St. Clair
21 Brendan O’Donnell–13 Connor Gaarder–11 Derek Rodwell

2 Andrew MacWilliam–18 Dillon Simpson
4 Derek Forbort–24 Jordan Schmaltz
5 Nick Mattson–20 Joe Gleason

33 Clarke Saunders
31 Zane Gothberg
35 Tate Maris

Yale’s lines

27 Charles Orzetti–15 Clinton Bourbonais–28 Antoine Laganiere
18 Kenny Agostino–20 Jesse Root–17 Andrew Miller
8 Josh Balch–6 Stu Wilson–19 Anthony Day
11 Trent Ruffolo–9 Carson Cooper–7 Matt Killian

2 Gus Young–4 Rob O’Gara
22 Tommy Fallen–14 Ryan Obuchowski
21 Colin Dueck–10 Mitch Witek

33 Jeff Malcolm
31 Nick Maricic
29 Connor Wilson

63 Responses

  1. Paul

    I got the blackout message too. Turns out Fox sorts north has picked up the Midwest regional games. Yesterday’s UND game on espnU was also on my watchESPN app, so I’d guess today’s on espnU will be too.

  2. Viking1

    Not that big a surprise on the netminders. Sioux still looking for a guy to get playoff hot and stand on his head (as both are capable doing). Saunders is a great tender, and either guy can get the job done. Lets hope he does tonight, Yale is no joke….

  3. OneSioux

    Message from regarding blackout:
    How is my location determined if the event is blacked out?
    If you receive a message that states, “This content is subject to blackout.” this is because the event that you requested is not available on WatchESPN in your location
    Blackouts apply to telecasts that have been sold regionally or locally per league, conference and local rights holder agreements. Regional and local rights holders are usually broadcast stations or regional sports networks. Blackouts are implemented to protect the primary rights holder, as defined by the professional and college sports leagues or teams in a given market.

  4. tim johnson

    Does anyone who has charter know where the yale game can be found? It’s not on ESPN3 today, ESPN told me (I called them) told me it’s blacked out!!!! they said it was on cable but I can’t find it on my channels…help?

  5. Onesioux

    Brad, please ask the following question at the post game press conference:
    Coaches, why has your team played a good first period, then quit (for the third playoff game in a row)?

  6. JGreen

    Oh my this is UND’s Holy Cross. Blah blah blah. I heard it all day yesterday. Yale is a good team and proved it again today. Better team won both today and yesterday.

  7. Tyler

    Sioux played a totally uninspired game. Hakstol has the some of the best players to work with every year but still can’t get it done. It’s time for him to go. #firehakstol

  8. Nodak Fan

    And another long offseason begins. Yeah, I know we hit what three pipes and had a goal disallowed, but you can’t let a team hang around and hang around. We were going to win that game 1-0, or we weren’t going to win that game. After they tied it, it was like we just wanted to get to overtime.
    One-goal against an Ivy League team?
    Oh well, saves us the heartache of watching this team implode at the Frozen Four.

  9. GoSioux

    Yale is a good team…. they out played us big time. Some will want to blame Hak for this, but really–should the guys need to be motivated to play hard when it is win or go home? Win and you go to the FF? Win because it could be your last game in a Sioux uniform? Sorry, but I don’t think they should. Now I do think the first line played hard, but Yales first line played harder. The team 2 years ago that lost in the FF played hard all the way up to the end and battled through many injuries and bad bounces, but they played hard. That was what made todays game so hard to watch. There seemed to be no fire in them after mid way through the first—accept for the 4th line. I though St. Clair had a solid game and am glad he will be back. I wish the boys leaving the best of luck in their future and will enjoy watching and following them in the years to come. I expect to see Kristo, Knight and Mac in the NHL eventually…Kristo probably the soonest. Gleason…. sorry. I do think you can play at the next level…but that level will be the ECHL at best. You better hope to end in a place like Colorado as they have the best fans and facility in that league. I don’t see Rowney going much farther than ECHL either. No matter where you end up, it’s still pro hockey. Play with all your heart and enjoy it as long as you can. Once a Sioux always a Sioux….even if we are a little disappointed right now. This summer hopefully the boys can discover a way to light a fire inside them… that will show up and play hard every game…. every minute.

    1. Onesioux

      I agree with that. Last year’s team had no business going as far as they did, and they did that by playing their hearts out and leaving it on the ice. 2 years ago, played hard, left it all on the ice and it just wasn’t meant to be. This year, sleep walking and coasting between flashes of brilliance. Frustrating to watch with the talent they had. Don’t know where the effort and urgency was, but that is how they played for 5 of their 6 playoff games at the end of the year…

  10. Curt

    The BEST team WON!!!!!! The way North Dakota played they deserved to lose big time. They just can’t seem to rise to the occasion. GO YALE!!!!!!

  11. oldtimer

    Hey Brad, you chastised me for calling und mediocre. I apologize, they need to strive to even hit that level of competance.

  12. Andy

    Think its time for a new Head Coach for the Sioux hockey team!! Hakstol can never get it done!!!!! If you cant pump up your team with 20 min left to the frozen four you dnt deserve to coach that kind of talent!!! Fire Hakstol!!!! Typicall of every team he has coached they stand around looking dumb and get shit on!!!

  13. Optimistic

    I totally disagree with the earlier post and I am sure the coaching staff does as well. Motivation is what the coaches bring to the table when they have a team with the talent that we have had year after year. Getting to the tournament is no easy task and certainly should be acknowledged! But there is an important ingredient missing. It’s the ingredient that helps a team like Yale beat two of the WCHAs best teams in the tournament. Or, a forth seed like St. Cloud knock off the number one seed in their region. It is motivation! it is one of the most important tools in a great coach’s toolbox.

  14. suture

    Brad, do we have any goalie recruits for next year? I understand some people think our goalies are “solid” but I respectfully disagree. No way were going to win a NC without a good/hot goalie. This year’s team had average talent (comparatively speaking) which meant we needed superior goaltending and 110% output by every player on every shift. This didn’t happen so the outcome was quite predictable. Frustrating game to watch that is for sure.

  15. Sioux4ever

    Main problem: trying to get too damn fancy in the neutral zone. 8 minutes left and they are trying to get fancy instead of getting the puck deep in yales zone. Absolutely unacceptable.

  16. NY fan

    Put most of the previous comments together and you get: lack of passion, Yale is a good team, UND outplayed, questionable coaching and goaltender(s). And some other stuff, but otherwise good points. So where dose this program go from here? Does the administration have the guts to fire the coach? If they do, do you believe the same group of people know who to hire? One thing is for sure clear; this has been going on too long and no championships to show for it. Most distressing, it seems the program is further away from a championship than it has been in a LONG, LONG time.

    1. Sioux4ever

      Agree. They dont have to blow teams out in the national tourney, any win is a win. But when you are only up by 1 with 8 mins left, there is no reason to start putting on fancy moves through the neutral zone. That is exactly what led to yale’s first goal.

  17. Gophs

    Totally outplayed and out coached. Period. Everyone’s fault. This team has been overrated all year and were lucky to escape Niagara. Congrats to Yale. Best team won and deserved to win.

  18. Andy

    Start sending emails to the AD of UND about your thoughts on Hakstol! UND does not stand for teams like this! The more insight and comments from the fans will push for something to be done!

  19. Main man

    When Cary Eades was put out to pasture by UND,the handwriting was on the wall that the program was going nowhere.Like the UND radio guy said they choked because of poor coaching and the whole coaching staff should go and hire Carey Eades so UND can have a competitive,motivated,winning team again!

  20. Scotty

    To all of the handwringers and those who want Hakstol run out on a rail, just shut up, because none of you have the slightest inkling of what you’re talking about. Fire Hakstol? And replace him with who exactly? No really, give me even one competent replacement. How about YOU leave if you don’t like what’s happening. I’m sure there’s plenty of room in the Mankato and Duluth fan bases. We don’t need any whiny front runners.

  21. suture

    Brad, I think you do a great job with your hockey coverage and I want to thank you for another great year of work. However, Brad, I have to tell you I am a bit worried about your insistent support for this coaching staff regardless of the diminished play (national play) we have witnessed over the past 4-5 years. UND will continue to win many games based on shear talent alone. But, this is not how success is measured at UND. To win a NC you must have a head coach who can motivate his players to accept nothing but victory. UND’s head coach knows the X’s and O’s of college hockey as well as any coach in the country. I am not impugning our coach’s hockey knowledge by any means. However, did you see any sense of urgency in UND’s play against Yale today? Not so much. Motivating college athletes is a whimsical task at best, especially college hockey players. As I have said before, UND is geared to win national championships and I’m afraid this is not going to happen under the current coaching staff. It’s time for change Brad, it’s time for a new coach at UND.

      1. Kroger

        Exactly, they had the same debate with MN basketball. Fire Tubby, they said. Well now Shaka Smart, Flip Saunders and probably Fred Hoiberg are going to turn them down, and now they’re saying, “Oh, crap, do you think Tubby will take us back?”

  22. ice ice baby

    Just to get some perspective, how many NHL coaches that are considered great would maintain that status If the Stanley cup was a one and done system? Some of you guys have no clue.

  23. Andy

    Come on Ice Baby and Suture you both dont realize that in his 9 yrs he cannot finish and get the job done!! The players have no motivation and they stand around like a bunch of morons! There are plenty of coaches out there that could take over and do better than Hakstol! Brad Berry he has a hell of a resume and even has experience in NHL as an asst coach!! Give him the head coach job and let him do things his way it will turn around!!

  24. EdinaSiouxFan

    You’re worried about Brad because he has a different opinion and lens then you do? You’re worried about him because he supports the staff and you don’t? I guess it would be fair to say that he could be worried about you as well then.

    Brad you did amazing this year. You are the constant professional. It was only a matter of time before the fire hac crew would turn on you too haha

    It’s funny. I read 200 comments yesterday about gophers fans saying “fire Lucia” and as I read I thought, at least our fans aren’t this irrational. I was wrong

    1. Deaner

      I follow both programs equally. The fire Hak crowd is far more irrational than the fire Don crowd. Gopher fans have a much greater case for wanting a new coach than UND fans do, but neither coach will or should lose their job. The college hockey talent level is a lot greater and deeper than it was 10-20 years ago. Any given night any given team can lose … especially in a one and done situation. These Holy Cross, Yale “shockers” are apart of the college hockey landscape now. Hak has had an incredible 9 year run that Goph fans would love to have had and Lucia is only 10 years removed from back to back NCs!

  25. Andy

    Also look at all the National Championships won by WCHA teams since we won a NC! Denver,MN,Duluth,Wisc and some have won more than 1 since we have in 2000! ND hockey is known for being a powehouse program and the last 9-10 yrs have been nothing but complete embarassment!

  26. Wa whoa

    Sucks, I hate losing. At least in the post game conference dave hakstol apologized for not coaching the team better during the game . I really give dave credit for taking the blame . He’s my hero

  27. Viking1

    There are more mentally-challenged comments re coaching & goaltending here (mostly by the same miscreants) than can be believed. The closest most of you naysayers have come to Division 1 college hockey is sitting in the stands. Stick with what you know best (which is being a geek fanboy with his brain “sutured” to his posterior), and leave hockey decisions to those who have actually had experience at a high level…..

  28. Andy

    Edina… Ya the goofer fans are a little blown outta the water on saying that. At least they have won a NC in the last decade. Hak cant get it done!!! Is everyone that damn blind about Hakstol???? Guarantee he is not the Head Coach next season!You have no idea what UNDs standards are with hockey obviously! Look at the Gasparini situation back in the day!!

      1. Mark

        But in his first 9 years Gino won 3 National Championships and one runner up. We don’t know what awaits Hak, but game set and match to Gino for the first nine years. Dean had 2 NC’s by this time as well. Let’s include those comparisons.

        1. Mark

          Additionally, it was Gino’s last 3 years coaching that he was under 500 and there were a lot of issues between him and the AD. The AD eventually got rid of Gino, then UND got rid of the AD (Wanless). True story.

  29. ice ice baby

    You know what you guys are right. We need to hire a guy who cheats his way to the top, gets a championship then leaves town because he could care less about the university. We have to make sure he yells a lot too. Grown men playing toward professional careers need to be motivated because championships aren’t enough. They need to be yelled at. Then we’ll win for sure.

  30. EdinaSiouxFan

    Um Andy… Move on. You’re ok. Deep breath. It’s coming across like you’re a bit worked up here. You realize this is a college hockey team right? I’m a season ticket holder and donor and yet I’m rational enough to not have my identity founded in a college hockey team. I won’t play the game of responding to your ongoing responses to everyone else. Life is still great. Life goes on. Our student athletes are getting great educations. That’s right. Student first. I’m proud of our boys. Proud of our school. Proud of our coaches. We all understand you aren’t. It’s again ok. Nowaybe step away from your computer for a bit. See a movie. See a friend. Enjoy life.

  31. EdinaSiouxFan

    Over the last five years Lucia’s teams missed the ncaa’s three times, won two games last year and were one and done this year. Look at our record over the same time. No comparison :).

    1. Tired of it

      I’d take Lucy’s two NC over Hak’s record every time. What place did UND finish in 2007? Anyone remember without looking? Now, what place did UND finish in 2000? Nuff said.

  32. Hockey Fan

    I agree that there is no reason to fire Hakstol! I am just as frustrated as the next, but Hakstol has done a good job. I do think he might need to look within and come up with a different strategy come playoff time. He talks a lot about the “workman” style of hockey…..well most of us would be fired or talked to with today’s workman style of play. We get so far and than we fall flat….it’s a good group of coaches and players yet they looked like they had seen a ghost! Flat footed and uninspired hockey from a group who is so full of pride ?? Makes no sense! Somehow Hak has to figure out how to finish it off to get the monkey off his back! His best shot was a couple years ago, but I think Karma bit him back when he helped fabricate Kristos frozen toe story into something it wasn’t and try and make Frattin look like a hero….. Hopefully he will figure it out sooner than later! How many days til next seasons opener?!

    Thank you to the seniors for all your dedication! I am so glad Kristo stayed around because he finally made me a believer! I can say I am a Kristo fan now! Best of luck to you all!

  33. NY fan

    Question: What makes Hakstol untouchable? Yes he knows the game, but couldn’t anyone off the street compile a team to play in Grand Forks and be successful? This year’s result is just a slow slide. How did they loose to Denver years ago? To BC? Maybe, just maybe, they were out coached each time. Maybe today they were out coached again. Can someone please explain to me what style of play UND plays anyway????? Perhaps the best coaches in college hockey are at Yale, Union, BC, BU, Denver, and a few other places but not UND.

    1. SportsDoc

      “couldn’t anyone off the street compile a team to play in Grand Forks and be successful?”

      I would respectfully ask you to look up the record of Rube Bjorkman.

      1. Mark

        Did Rube have the Ralph as a recruiting tool? Rube coached from 68-78 (Barn and opening of old Ralph, so you went way back to get that. Hey, Rube’s recruits probably were part of the 1980 NC team. Go figure. Rube couldn’t get them there but Gino could. Could be we just have good players and not good coaches…like this example for instance.

  34. Sioux Fan in St Cloud

    Speed seems to always be the factor that hurts UND this time of year. This team didn’t seem to be the fastest UND team, although that didn’t seem to be a significant issue today. The only thing I would change in terms of direction for this program is a greater emphasis on speed. Hakstol is a good coach and will adapt the program as needed and will get that NC.

  35. Scotty

    NY Fan, or any of the Hakstol lynch mob, tell me, please, who replaces Hakstol? I think Brad Berry is the only suggestion so far. How about anyone who’s actually won on an elite level in college hockey? There isn’t one available. Your arguments for firing him are filled with logical fallacies to the point they’re simply delusional. There are about 52 other head coaches who should be fired right now based on your myopic, self-serving idea that anything less than a national championship is abject failure. You can find a new head coach — on another team. Hope it works out for you.

    1. Mark

      You perform a National search, unlike what happened when Hak was hired. It’s not complicated, it’s done all the time.

  36. FgoSiouxFan

    Wow … the Fighting Sioux lose a game – remember it is a still a game – and it is like the world is ending. Yes I know we want them to win every game … but instead of being negative about the loss, let’s be happy and proud of their season. Hakstol bleeds Green and Black – I am sure the loss is as tough on him as the men that played. If you asked them, they will tell you it was their play or lack thereof that lost the game, not the coach. Coach Hakstol will be behind the bench next year, I will applaud every goal and win and will be disappointed with every loss, but that is the nature of sports. Looking forward to next year and the NCHC …. Go Fighting Sioux!! Btw – thanks Brad for all you do for the Fighting Sioux!

  37. RedRiver

    Proud of what? Hockey is a minor sport and the only way to be proud is to win National Championships! When was the last time that the so called “big-time” UND hockey program won a NC? 12, 13, 14 years AGO? Nobody but the UND fans care about anymore.

  38. ndjetsfan

    UND hockey has a coaching problem. These are my specific concerns:

    1. Goalie management. I didn’t see the wisdom in how Hak used Eidsness and Dell last year and I didn’t see the wisdom in how he used Saunders and Gothberg this year. This didn’t cost them the game against Yale, however. Goalie management must be really tough as it is probably 90% mental/10% physical. A successful team needs someone on staff that has the knack to push these guys to over-achieve.

    2. First line management. When you enter the post-season, you should know who makes up your top line. I saw 2 interviews with Knight in the last week and he seemed just as befuddled as anyone as to who his linemates were.

    3. Development of defensemen. UND had 6 NHL prospects playing the blue line this year and they just don’t seem to get better while at UND. I was hoping when Eades left that this would get better, but it hasn’t. Brian Lee, Ben Blood, Andrew MacWilliam, Jordan Schmaltz et. al. seemed to produce about the same quality of play as freshmen as they do when they are upperclassmen.

    Am I giving up my tickets for next year’s season? Not a chance. They put on a great show but it could be better.

  39. Kroger

    Thank you for your time and efforts this year, Brad. You have the best job in the world and are absolutely fantastic at it. I check the page daily for your insight and knowledge and appreciate your constant efforts to keep our fan base knowledgeable. Keep it up, and thank you for a great year!

  40. Beaz


    Good post. It rips your heart out to lose and we’re just the dudes watching! Think of what Danny and Corban and the boys are feeling today. I feel grateful we have a team that is right on the doorstep every year. Probably only second in Haks time to BC in that regard. Unfortunately they have 3 or 4 nattys in that time. Keep getting there and eventually it will happen.

    Go SIOUX! Can’t wait for October.

    And thanks Brad. You are a stud my friend!

  41. Optimistic

    North Dakota has:

    – the best fan base in college hockey,
    – the best arena in college hockey,
    – the best player practice facility in college hockey,
    – the best writer (Brad) in college hockey,
    – the best cheerleaders in college hockey,
    – the best former logo in college hockey,
    – the best… I know I am missing something…,
    – the best overall media coverage in college hockey,
    – the best trainers in college hockey,
    – the prettiest colors in college hockey,
    – scraping bottom now so, I had better stop!

    1. Optimistic

      I forgot to mention the most important part:

      – we have the best players in college hockey, demonstrated by the fact that two of the are in final contention for the Hobey Baker award?

      Life is good!

    2. Main man

      With all this we can not win the big one.Bring in George from Denver and fire the current coaching staff.George is a winner!

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