WATCH NOW: UND Men’s Hockey Season Ends At NCAA West Regional

Herald writers Brad Schlossman and Tom Miller discuss UND’s season-ending loss to Yale at the NCAA West Regional in Grand Rapids, Mich.

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  1. joe

    You talk a lot of how the team played, but I think one of the greatest negative aspects of college hockey is the general attitude by the NCAA. I didn’t see a single student at this college hockey game, and I don’t think the NCAA even cares. We’ve all commented on the obvious solutions to the low attendance and lack of advantage to the “home” teams, but the NCAA chooses not to address these issues.

  2. Sioux Fan

    Tom and Brad, Thanks for the good work this year! Pretty outstanding coverage going on in Grand Forks.. See ya’ll next year, you bettcha A’

  3. John

    i also want to give a big thank you to Brad and Tom; i never comment on here- but i never miss reading or viewing your work….thanks for your outstanding coverage this year.

  4. shep

    Is the canadian flag over your shoulder supposed to tell us something? You think we need more canadians less north dakotans? quite afew teams with nodaks on the roster this year.

  5. Doug UND55

    UND wil continue to have competitve hockey teams but it will not have champion teams with Hakstol and his group coaching

  6. JDB

    Little worried about next year losing Kristo and Knight, but we’ll see as i’m sure Hak will have the boys ready as always by the end of the year. UND Spring Football starts soon, you guys going to do any video blogs from Memorial or anything like that? That or maybe add football to the this blog, or another along with Basketball? I really enjoyed the video blogs and the weekly updates on the other sports as well as Men’s Hockey. Hope to see them continue.

  7. Dave

    Tom and Brad, Thanks for the great coverage of the Sioux. I appreciate the vast number of topics with the hockey program you cover for the public. Great reading…..and viewing.

  8. Jon

    Little worried about losing Knight & Kristo and who is going to replace that scoring, but I’m sure we’ll be ok like usual. You guys going to do any video blogs for UND football spring practices or game? I hope to see the video blogs continue as it was nice hearing weekly updates about all of the other sports during the winter as well as men’s hockey. Maybe a seperate FB BB blog?

  9. Sioux-per-man

    Joe how can students travel 600+ miles, pay for gas, room, and a ticket?

    Why would the NCAA want college kids at a college game? If they wanted that they would have the games played on a college campus?

    Who makes these decisions? What are their names?

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