Kristo, Knight Not In Hobey Hat Trick

The Hobey Hat Trick was announced today — the top three finalists for the national player of the year — and neither UND senior made the final cut.

Forwards Danny Kristo and Corban Knight were both named top 10 finalists for the award, which will be handed out on April 12 in Pittsburgh.

The three finalists are St. Cloud State forward Drew LeBlanc, Quinnipiac goalie Eric Hartzell and Boston College forward Johnny Gaudreau.

The final voting was done on Monday and Tuesday. The winner will likely be either LeBlanc or Hartzell, who both have their team in the Frozen Four.

LeBlanc is a fifth-year senior who has 13 goals and 50 points in 41 games. Hartzell is a senior who has kept Quinnipiac at the top of the rankings all year. He has a 29-6-5 record, a .933 save percentage and a 1.55 goals-against average.

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  1. Sioux in the Cities

    Well that’s kind of a bummer. I thought at least one of them (Kristo, probably) would get nominated. Can’t really complain about the three chosen though.

  2. Viking1

    All wonderful players, as are Kristo/Knight. Having a few beers now and again w teammates doesnt mean much in the grand scheme (amongst realistic adults, anyway).

  3. SiouxperKev

    Nothing against the other guys but thats hard to understand. So CHN’s POY selection of Kristo is the consolation prize?

  4. UNDAlum_GoSioux

    I like to say…if you have two Hobey candidates, then you have no Hobey candidates. Miami (OH) made my statement wrong in 2011 when Andy Miele won the Hobey and Carter Camper was also a top 10 finalist. I think it just gets hard for the voters to pick one of the two from each team and you get a split vote. 2011 seemed to be an exception.

  5. SM

    All the Hobey Hat Trick finalists are deserving. As far as the talk about the controversial topic of “character issues” surrounding and/or now not surrounding Mr. Knight and Mr. Kristo, character does matter and rightfully should matter and this is probably one of the reasons why Mr. Gaudreau is a Hobey Hat Trick finalist as opposed to one of the Sioux players. That said, I take absolutely nothing away from Mr. Gaudreau he is quite deserving to be a finalist. On the topic of student-athletes drinking, since this seems to be the cloud of controversy hanging over Mr. Kristo’s and Mr. Knight’s heads throughout this season, beers among teammates is not necessarily fine when they some of the teammates are under the legal drinking age. Less beer drinking, more focus, and more concentrated effort on the ice by the entire Sioux team for entire length of the games on both ends of the rink will go a long way in the building the kind of character that is needed to win a National Title. Keep in mind, college hockey players whether they like it or not, are looked upon by youth as being role models and college hockey players beer drinking is not a good example set for the youngsters wanting to achieve their goal of playing collegiate and/or professional hockey nor is this a good representation of the University of North Dakota and the local Grand Forks community. A major part of Sioux hockey and it’s history is community. I would much rather read and hear about Sioux hockey players involved in the community projects more and less about beer drinking incidents, resulting in run ins with the law, and court dates/proceedings.

      1. SM

        Mr. Knight was allegedly involved in a drinking related incident and it was dismissed by the court. All who know Mr. Knight and what has been reported is Mr. Knight does not drink and is a model citizen/teammate. However, unfortunately, the fact that he was allegedly involved in the a drinking related incident reflected negatively to the powers that be in the selection process for the Hobey Hat Trick finalists along with the fact the Sioux did not make the Frozen Four. Sometimes in life, we are in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Perhaps this may have been the case for Mr. Knight, he may have been at a party, (which he was not drinking) with teammates of legal drinking age and teammates under the legal drinking age, the party got busted, and all who were of age were cited were cited as contributing to minors. This is pure speculation, but this is just an example of how being with a group of people who are guilty of wrongful doing, can lead to one being viewed as guilty as well and even if the charge is dismissed, the person is still viewed by some as being suspect.

        1. SiouxperKev

          “SM – However, unfortunately, the fact that he was allegedly involved in the a drinking related incident reflected negatively to the powers that be in the selection process for the Hobey Hat Trick finalists along with the fact the Sioux did not make the Frozen Four. ”

          What??? Are you some kind of insider or something? You sit here and make statements of “fact” of which you know nothing about, then later you talk about spectulation this and that. That’s disgusting. Does that make you feel better? Now go back and check your crystal ball and I’m sure you will find all the answers you need.

  6. GoSioux

    I believe you Brad when it comes to Knight there is probably no one classier than him! On that alone, Knight would be a great final 3… and if we would have made it to the FF, maybe it would have been different. I would have loved to see him as a finalist, but am not surprised that he wasn’t. He will have a great future where ever he goes and it will be fun to remember as a Sioux.

    Now Kristo is one heck of a player! The best player in the WCHA…. should that make him a hobey top 3… maybe, but you have to remember, they do look at more things… and at your entire career up to that point and let’s not forget the frozen toe incident….. Kristo has come a long way since than, but he would never have won== look at Frattin and his situation… That’s just how it works. He will have a great career despite not being a Hobey top 3.

    For those of us who got to just go to college and engage in under age drinking it may seem hard to understand, but these kids are coming to play hockey… and wether they like it or not, they are role models for tons of kids in the area…. and to promote underage drinking would not be the best. Sounds like Knight was just got caught not wanting to say no to his team mates that were underage—which would be hard to do, but thats how the life a D1 Hockey players is!

    Thank you both Knight and Kristo for all your hard work and best of luck to you both!!

    That all being said, I am hoping for Leblanc from St. Cloud. Great story… great guy from what it sounds like…. and his team is still in it. Go St. Cloud!

      1. GoSioux

        Oh yeah, forgot about that! Knight is a great guy and I would think that if we could have made the FF he might have made the final 3, but it was a tough group of 10. There have probably been very few players as classy as Knight! I will miss him greatly!!

      2. SM


        Do you know if Mr. Knight was present at the “incident” teammates that are charged with drinking related charges?

        Unfortunately, the fact Mr. Knight was initially charged of an incident probably hurt his chance of being a Hobey Hat Trick Finalist along with the Sioux not making the Frozen Four.

  7. shep

    I had knight leblanc and gaudreau with leblanc winning it. Knight seems like a good character guy but doesnt seem to make the impact for his team the other two do. Kristo does make that impact but character does and should matter. Thats what the award is about.

  8. GoSioux

    I agree with you Shep…. if it was straight on play, Kristo would be the one of the top, if not the top player. I do think he did grow up a ton while at UND, but clearly the Hobey guys don’t care about that ! Best of luck to them all though!!

  9. jokey_haker award

    Here is all you need to know about the “award” given to the so called best collegiate hockey player. If Frattin – IMO one of the most complete college hockey players to play hockey in the last 10 years – cannot win it, and Kristo can’t crack the top 3 finalists it ain’t worth the hassle of lamenting over. The award – like most – almost never goes to the deserving player and has almost no barometer towards future success. Which, of course, is not surprising given it almost never goes to the “best” college hockey player.

    Kristo should go on to have a successful NHL career in the same vein of someone like Jason Blake – whose arc seems kind of similar to Danny’s. This is assuming Danny brings the work ethic he brought this last year and takes nothing for granted.

    Knight is the kind of four year student athlete any program in this country should aspire to recruit. I am not sure about his NHL future, but I can guarantee you he will be a successful and contributing member of society whatever he chooses to do.

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