Kristo signs with Montreal

UND senior forward Danny Kristo has signed a two-year contract with the Montreal Canadiens.

Kristo will start with the Hamilton Bulldogs in the AHL.

Kristo opted to return to UND for his senior season rather than sign with the Canadiens last summer. He ended up scoring 26 goals and tallying 52 points, while being named one of 10 finalists for the Hobey Baker Award.

College Hockey News named Kristo its national player of the year this week.

Kristo was a second-round pick of the Montreal Canadiens.

8 thoughts on “Kristo signs with Montreal

  1. Hey Brad, could Kristo have invoked the “Gregoire” rule and become a free agent if he had not signed prior to school year ending??

  2. Good for him! I wasn’t a huge Kristo fan in the beginning…..I always knew he was talented….just thought it wasn’t until this year that he really came into his own and became a two way player! Thanks for staying around the extra year! I am sure you will do great in the NHL some day soon!! Now I can’t say I see the same thing the Kings apparently see in Forbort, sorry. But I have seen enough people complain about the lack of development in our D so maybe at the next level he will come into his own and show us all what the Kings see. Good luck to them both.

  3. In cases like Kristo and Mac, when they leave right after the season finishes, do these guys ever still get their degree? I realize many may not be close to finishing, even after four years of school. But for the ones who are close, but then take off at the beginning of April, are they able to do long-distance course work, etc to still finish? Or do most of them just forget about how close they are to finishing and drop school all together?

  4. Best Wishes to Danny!!! Great seeing him grow as a player while at UND. Every year he showed great improvement and hopefully see him in an NHL sweater soon.

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