Kings Plan To Sign Forbort

Los Angeles Kings general manager Dean Lombardi confirmed to the Mayor’s Manor that he plans to sign UND junior defenseman Derek Forbort this week.

It’s no surprise that the Kings want Forbort now; if he stays for his senior year, he would have the option of becoming a free agent. The Kings don’t want to lose him.

Forbort tallied four goals and 17 points for UND as a junior.

The Kings drafted Forbort in the first round.

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  1. suture

    Wow, great for Forbs but not what the team really needed is it. When are these new stud recruits getting to UND? Is Keaton Thompson ready to roll next year?

    1. Viking1

      Genius. The defending Stanley Cup Champions are willing to accelerate their plans in order not to lose Mr Forbort, yet an esteemed hockey genius such as yourself thinks he’s not good enough for the Sioux. I think you’d best resume your brain-surgeonin career, Jethro…. 🙂

    2. SG

      Agreed! I want more defensmen that have offencive hands and can skate. A tall pylon that just smacks pucks off the boards to center ice is not what I want to see at und. Kings can have him early and can work with him while we go in the direction of matson, simpson and schmaltz. Heck even blood could skate it up the ice and go around people.

  2. Julius

    Keaton Thompson will both be regulars next year. Thompson fast-tracked his high school to come in early.

  3. Drew

    Brad this is unrelated but what happened to “Jim” I know he’s not as talented as most but he brought a lot of energy to the fourth line.

  4. Mark Kauk

    Can’t blame a guy for bettering himself. best of luck to Forb’s if he goes pro. Glad I was able to watch him while he was here

  5. Sioux1

    Im always amazed how so many so called huge fans of hockey have so little knowledge and evaluation skills of the game.

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