6 thoughts on “Brad Malone scores first NHL goal

  1. Ata boy Brad! Even better it came for my lowely Avs who are now in dead last in the NHL. Maybe though, I will finally get to cheer for Seth Jones after-all…

    • My thoughts exactly. I’m a huge Avs fan and thought earlier this season Brad should have had more of an opportunity. He seems to be proving himself the past few games and I am hoping he continues to stay up this season and will remain with the Avs in his future.

  2. Too bad he plays for a d.b. of a coach–Joe Sacco. In post game press conference, when asked about Malone getting his first NHL goal, he gave him little to no credit and then immediately talked about how Malone didn’t get the puck deep into Calgary zone on a dump in and it led to a goal. Funny he didnt mention the horrible d-zone coverage by Erik Johnson or Cody McCleod (who skated right past the Flames player in the slot just before he scored)….

  3. Great for Malone…..hope he stays up all year. I can’t think of Malone without going back to that MN game a couple years ago. Wow, I will never forget the hit he put on that Wehr kid. Poor kid got painted in that same corner two years in a row…..Frattin leveled him a year before Malone’s hit. Brad, do you think Malone will stay up or is he filling in for an injured player…or something like that??

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