What Would You Like To See?

Every season, we’ve followed a pretty simple pattern in covering college hockey: Hit UND hard, cover the WCHA thoroughly and touch on other national stories here and there.

But this upcoming season, everything will be different with the new leagues.

As always, we will hit UND coverage hard. I’m also planning to be more thorough in covering the NCHC as well. Maybe expanding that part from previous years.

My question for readers of the blog and the Herald newspaper is: What exactly do you guys want to see?

How much should we dip into the Big 10 and the WCHA? I know that fans are interested in what’s happening at Minnesota (whether they admit it or not), Wisconsin and Bemidji State. I’m thinking we will keep standings of all three leagues regularly in the paper.

How much are you interested in what’s happening with other NCHC teams? Do you think it’s a good idea to expand coverage of that, too?

Right now is an outstanding time to change several things in the paper, the blog and the website for several reasons: 1. Because of the new leagues, 2. We are having a changing of the guard at the Herald with a bunch of new editors (our new head editor started Monday and we’re already started doing travel budget stuff, which is very good news; our new online editor is all for new ideas for the website like the videos, etc.).

Hopefully you will see several changes during the summer (for the better). But a lot will be based on the feedback I get here. So, let me know.

What do you like? What would you like to see changed? Do you want more of something? Less of something? Let’s hear it.

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  1. Tj

    Maybe UND player and coaching interviews,great job on recruiting news,for the most part everything Sioux and the NCHC best conference in the country

  2. Jordo

    I think this would be a tremendous time for the Herald to be the premier source for NCHC and western hockey information. Cover it all!

  3. Mike

    For years now you have done a great job in reporting on everything and i would hate for you to change. The more the better and it nice for one place for all your update on College Hockey. Thanks for the Great Job you have been doing. FIGHTING SIOUX forever!!

  4. Stone

    I’d say a round up from all teams that are noteworthy. Big 10 with UM and UW, WCHA with BSU and maybe Mankato. Then a full NCHC round up. Teach the goons on the desk to be able to pull two to three lines of info from a box score to write a round up. Not hard for them to do! Put those part timers to work! Good work, Brad. Miss you guys up there.

    1. Outgoing ME

      Agree with the Rock Pile here. Still think we gotta get the marquee games from Big 10, especially the Gophers as short write ups.

  5. suture

    Brad, I would like to see more coverage on recruiting. Most of UND’s recruits come from a number of geographical locations and various leagues. It would be nice to see some updates on our committed recruits to see how they are doing in their respective leagues (video, interviews, etc..). Especially since we are seeing kids commit 2-3 years in advance of their enrollment at UND……this leaves a lot of time to follow their play and improvement.

    1. Doug

      Thanks for asking the reader!
      I would really like to see features on FORMER players for sure. The recruits would be nice, too, but that builds the recruit up for major hype before they arrive and Sioux fans may come down hard on them if they don’t perform well enough in our eyes.
      Also, NCHC coverage is very appealing, as is the rest of the country after this unpredictable year.
      If that helps some of us be less narrow-minded about other hockey programs, it would help us be better hockey fans as a whole. Did that come out right??

    2. StuckDownSouth

      personally, i skip any story or posting that has to do with kids that announce their commitments. it is usually too long of a gap before they get to und no to mention the fact that there are so many kids that change their minds. when i hear their names announced at the ralph i start to pay attention to them.

  6. Matt


    I second (and possibly third) the suggestion to increase information on UND recruits. I usually try to track down the weekly scores, but it is difficult to keep tabs on other things like injuries and trades. I think it would be great if there was an increase in the amount of information devoted to recruits, and for that matter former players, during the course of their respective seasons. Keep up the good work!

    1. Chris

      I fourth, fifth, six, you get the picture on the information for recruits. As an aside to this with the trouble we have had kids leaving the last couple years to head to the Pro’s or the Canadian leagues more coverage here would make them feel a little more loved and wanted wouldn’t you think? Thanks for all of the coverage you do provide.

  7. paul T

    I agree with the previous comments on the following of recruits to UND since these kids do commit so many years before it would be nice to follow them so we know if they are still leaning on coming to UND or leaving like some of our recruits do. I think catching up with former players across the leagues would be a nice thread as far as a weekly former Sioux player expo on where they are and how their season is going and what they think of current situations in NHL, NCAA, other leagues, and Grand Forks. Just 2 cents from a reader.

    1. StuckDownSouth

      your reviews of the various places you visit are great. glad to see these expand a bit this year. good to hear what goes into covering a weekend series with travel, hotel, food, and all of the logistics.

      1. Sioux Fan3.0

        True, I really like the Travel Blog that goes on and tells what the team is doing. I’d like to hear more about these 5 star restaurants they go to and who covers the bill haha

  8. Siouxfn89

    Brad – First and foremost, you do an amazing job! I’m a firm believer that a news outlet should supply as much information as possible and it’s the reader’s responsibility to sipher through and determine what’s important. You do a fantastic job and what you write, our household takes as Fighting Sioux gospel. We enjoy Tom Miller’s writing and viewpoints and that Virg still enjoys contributing, in a way only he can. I think the GFHerald does a fantastic job in keeping readers in the know!

  9. SWMNSiouxFan

    I agree that any news on incoming recruits would be great. Maybe a weekly summary or an extra article or two with interviews with their current coaches to assess their progress and what they will need to continue to improve on. Any news on NCHC teams would be appreciated. Anything you can squeeze out of Hak! What he had for dinner, how the golf game is, does he ever smile? Ya know, anything he or the other coaches would willingly give up.

  10. brsioux

    Keep digging up stories on past and future players. Coverage of BSU and MSU-Mankato would be good. Coverage of UM would be good but I could care less about the rest of the Big10. Keep covering the major hockey news.
    There are 2 major reader bases out here – die-hard Sioux fans and pure hockey fans. I think your approach is appealing to both.

  11. Sioux in the Cities

    I agree with everything above, but would like to add that I would like to see less (or no) videos. Just a quick couple paragraphs of pre & post game stuff should be fine, the videos are just unnecessary and probably not worth the time or effort.

  12. UNDAlum_GoSioux

    You guys already do a great job covering our favorite hockey team. After that, you’d have to cover the news happening in the NCHC. I think it would be great to still keep tabs on our former conference foes as well. Don’t slash your travel budget! We still need news from when the Sioux (yes I said it) are on the road.

  13. Cody

    Something that would maybe be cool to add would be you making picks for the upcoming weekend series between NCHC teams and then maybe Bemidji, Mankato, and Minnesota games as well. You guys do a great job as is and I’m sure it will continue to be that way.

  14. SJHovey

    Brad: Great job as usual this past season. I’m sure whatever changes you guys make, they’ll be the correct ones.

    From this fan’s perspective, I would rank may interests as follows:
    1. UND hockey. Everything happening with the team. Video, features, etc…
    2. UND recruits. What’s happening with committed recruits. Who’s on the radar. Who is coming in for visits, and what’s their background.
    3. NCHC hockey. What’s happening with our conference mates. Who is in their pipeline that we should be watching for as the NCHC teams come to town in future years.
    4. College hockey in general. News and notes from around the college hockey world, probably with a concentration on those teams closest to us geographically, or with whom we had prior close connections (e.g. MN and Wisconsin). Maybe a particular emphasis on teams we will be playing later in the year, or on the schedule for next year.

    And somewhere in there I think the Herald should continue to expand it’s coverage of the UND women’s team. That program is certainly on the rise.

  15. Steve

    I’d like to see more coverage of recruits also. Put a sidebar up showing the names of the recruits and the team they are playing for and if possible a link to the teams website to look at stats, schedule, etc. You guys do a great job!

  16. Roger Soli

    Having lived in Gf.& north mn. for many years, I now live in Sd. & winter in s. Fl. College hockey info is almost completely unavailable. I rely on the GF. herald for updates. Keep up the good work.

  17. WI Sioux Fan

    A few suggestions, some already mentioned.

    1. Information about recruits who will be on the team next year.
    2. Who will be the leaders for the 2013/2014 team?
    3. What are the players/coaches suggesting for off season conditioning?
    4. Information about our new competitors ie Western Michigan, Miami etc.

    Thaks Brad—great job all year long!

  18. MLF

    I think it would be great to see and hear about what the players are doing in the community.. These boys that come here do so much around the community that they never get credit for. I think if you could follow along and let the fans see the positive impact they have on the fans and citizens would be great.

  19. Mike

    The major changes occurring with the new Big 10 and NCHC leagues as well as an essentially new WCHA will provide the Herald a great opportunity for on-going coverage. Tell us throughout the year how the new leagues and teams are dealing with the changes – i.e. recruiting, wins and losses, fan attendance, rivalries new and old, etc. The possibilities are almost endless for stories to cover. This could be the most interesting and exciting time we have ever seen in college hockey and the Herald is in a great position to lead the way on coverage.

  20. jay

    I would like to see more stories about Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Football. I enjoy the hockey coverage but feel the other sports get short changed.

  21. Sandy Hermanson

    When you do the live blog from the hockey games I would like to read more about the game. You sometimes stray off into unrelated (food) topics that have nothing to do with what is going on on the ice.

  22. Andy

    I really don’t care too much about any hockey coverage out east. I would like to see complete coverage of the NCHC, content about the WCHA and unless it affects UND, I could really care less about the “little 10” as one poster put it. I love the recruiting bits you include, especially when Canadian Major Juniors are involved.

  23. Kroger


    1. I think you should mention all WCHA and Big Ten teams at least some. Keep us updated on who’s who.
    2. You did it some this year, but I’d love it if you touched base a little more nationally. I want to hear your take on potential Hobey candidates and other names I should know from the eastern schools.
    3. Most important! I would like to hear more about potential recruits. Where these guys are from, their draft potential, who else is looking at them, what UND player they remind you of, their top 6/top 4 potential. Things like that.
    4. I personally check the page daily, and am elated to read any new posts you can come up with, so just remaining frequent with your updates and material.
    5. Just keep being yourself. You do an amazing job here, and no matter your approach, we will all still appreciate your efforts.

    Any other thoughts/comments/reiterations are welcome!

  24. JTBMSP

    Great coverage of men’s and women’s hockey by the Herald! Since the leagues are changing the coverage will need to change too. The NCHC is our new league and needs to be covered in detail. There’s a couple of new teams that we need get to know. The other conferences are less important to us now until playoff time. Some box scores from the MN teams should cover the other leagues. I think the UCHC is going to be more interesting to follow than the other leagues. I live in “The state of hockey” and I get more hockey news from the Herald than the Star Tribune. Keep up the great work!

  25. OETKB

    I would love to see greater analysis of UND wins/losses. Hakstol tends to avoid talking X’s & O’s much. Many of us want to know why a team gets an edge in a given game, beyond the standard “effort, focus, full 60 minutes” stuff.

    1. LeeWF

      I was going to mention this as well. I would like to get some greater analysis as well to understand the game better!

    2. Pavel

      I would like to see this as well, but I am not sure that The Herald as anyone on staff that would be willing to as Hak tough questions.

  26. Sioux in Fargo

    Great coverage of the team, Brad. I could do without the pregame videos. Keep covering the league as you have done with your Friday morning reading. I am not so interested in the recruits news unless there is something really worth reading. Do not forget to mention the big games each week in the ECAC, Atlantic Hockey, Hockey East, WCHA and NCHC. This all builds to the NCAA tourney. Your blog is a great source of info along with CHN, WCHA and USCHO websites.

  27. Paul T

    I agree with the comments on recruits and the catch up with the league in general and others of college hockey. Another interesting wrinkle would be catching up with former players whether playing professionally here or in other countries and get a little insight on what it means for them to be part of the fraturnity of UND hockey. It was interesting having some of the guys at games and having them do a few Q and A during intermissions and those expos you have done in the past make interesting readings especially when you here some stories you never heard about when they were playing here.

  28. steve

    I would like yourself and other media folks try through articles see what could be done with overtime in college hockey to get less ties.

    My suggestion would be as they ALREADY play a 5 min overtime to make it a 4 on 4 rather than the 5 on 5 they do now. This would open up more ice to get a winner in overtime. I don’t think they need to go to shootout but at least playing overtime 4 on 4 would provide a better chance of a score which is the entire point of overtime in the first place.

  29. thecircus

    Is there any way to get some player updates during the summer months? I get back from the lake on Sunday evenings and I am always jacked when I see an update or two to read. More summer updates would be great! Also, I like beating dead horses so…more recruit stuff. Thanks

  30. Canuck

    From the far north we are very pleased with the coverage provided.Keep up the excellent work.Like very much the chat show during games.

  31. Tracy

    I’m a die-hard fan and I can’t live without “Friday Morning Reading” during the season, so keep that coming. I agree about the videos where you guys are just sitting at a desk… sorry, but I don’t watch these. The blogs during games that I don’t get on TV in the cities are great, and I see when you try to keep the bloggers on track with the game vs. talking about food. Not your fault! Don’t let the new boss cut your travel budget – we need you guys at the games that we can’t attend. Thanks for all the GREAT WORK in the past and I can’t wait until the new season starts up again… Go Sioux (did I say that I’m a die-hard?!)!

  32. Drew

    First and foremost, Brad, you do an exceptional job both with the blog and Herald. Thank you for that! Going forward, I think most fans or myself and other I have spoken with, would like to see articles about our two new members, Miami and WMU. Along with the two new teams (new to us), would love to see articles about recruits, past players, current players, other NCHC member teams & players. If and only if you have time, you could throw a story or two in on the WCHA and the Big 10.

  33. DH

    Brad, I’d like to see some of the “history” of the schools that are non-WCHA teams that are joining the NCHC. When did they sanction the sport? How much hardware have they won? Coaches? Alumni NHL’ers? Draft picks on the roster? Who the schools in the NCHC draft this summer and how that helps their line-up?(Following days after the draft) Ect. As long as a person has a pulse and lives in MN,ND,SD we are going to know who the Sioux have, who the Goph’s have, who UMD has and so on. You’ve done a tremendous job up to this point, keep it up. DH

    1. Redwingz19

      I was thinking this exact same thing…I would also like to see a big article about the entire recruiting process (How they make connections in other areas to hear about these kids, how often they go and check these kids out, etc.) Thank you for making this the best college hockey blog in the country, seriously. I think there are probably a solid number of people in Grand Forks that get the GF Herald just to keep up on Sioux hockey.

  34. windsor7

    Start a Grand Forks Herald UND hockey network. Pat Sweeney-play-by-play
    Tom- ice level

    Cover all games home and AWAY! 🙂

    But really you guys do a fantastic job on here, and live chats.

  35. Mark

    I’d like to hear more about former players, whether still playing or not. Kind of a ‘Where Are They Now’ feature. Thanks.

  36. bob

    Current coverage is top notch. Have to believe it is currently best-of-breed in the entire nation. These guys care, and it come through in their coverage. For goodness sakes continue sending eyes to away games. Adds credibility to coverage. Don’t know if there is any cost to the real-time game blogs, but they are great. And Virg’s columns are well received.

  37. DH

    When people in this area are talking college hockey and the phrase “The Draft” comes up, they are NOT referring to the NCAA Draft(what??) or the WHL Bantam Draft or your buddies fantasy football draft or the military draft for Vietnam. However, they are referring to the “NHL Draft”. The NHL is the “National Hockey League”…

  38. rick

    I have heard many comments and concerns about UND’s head hockey coach all over town. Don’t seem to hear much about that topic in the Herald. Is that off limits for you? Are hockey fans ok with making it to tournaments and not finishing? How many times does this guy need to be out-coached before it does get addressed?

  39. Howard Wilcox

    Brad, Of course hit UND hard and complete coverage of the NCHC. Oter conferences as the stories require.

  40. KoolGuy2K

    Your coverage is awesome! I would like to see a special on all of the NCHC teams, like their history, arena, players to watch. I don’t really watch your videos though because I’m at work and shouldn’t be on the internet anyways. I would rather read your info. More info on the recruits would be great too. Keep up the good work man!

  41. WiSioux

    I enjoy reading about former players as well. Whether they are playing, coaching, or working in the non-hockey world. Perhaps some of their favorite memories, connections with fans in obscure places, etc

  42. summy1977

    Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. Everyone loves rumors, so maybe posting anything you hear on potential recruits on the blog would be intriguing. Also, maybe a twice a year contact a writer from a team in an out of region league (hockey east, ecac, etc.) and get their insight on how their league is shaping up. It seems every year a team sneaks up on or doesn’t get respected by tunnel visioned sioux fans such as myself and a little “warning” would be useful. Finally, in all reality we are spoiled by the excellent coverage you provide year after year and anything you add would simply be a bonus on top of the prize we already have. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

  43. letsSIOUXum

    For the first series of every team we play at home, a big write up for the history of the program, accomplishments, recruits, top players to watch and something random, like arena info or something that an in-depth hockey nut would care about. Especially teams like Western Michigan and Miami (Ohio). Even random “what to do” when you’re in their town to watch the series. I plan to go to see the Redhawks arena for a weekend and am looking forward to their town. As well as Sioux fans travel, this would be a very good idea to touch on. All fans like to stay at a hotel that other fans are at. (I do anyway). Basicly, letting us know more about the new teams to the NCHC. This coming season should be a dandy. There’s nothing I like more than teams I hardly see come to the Ralph and play. They’re never really sure what to think of the fans that are committed to watching to Sioux hockey!!.. i.e. RPI.

    1. Wayne

      Your’re not going to have to worry about picture quality on Fargo cable because as it stands now, there won’t be any. I’d love to see some kind of TV deal that would benefit fans everywhere. Fargo won’t add their competitors programming and I doubt that they will pick up the channel for the new league either. That leaves us with no UND hockey coverage at all. Next winter is going to be even longer than this one!

  44. Curt

    Hey Brad, great job, love all your info you post, I find it all very helpfull and very informative. I know you will have a lot to track with the new conferences but we have been talking up the west and we are seeing the east hand it to the west lately and we seem to be a bit blind sided so a little info on those teams that seem to have caught us would be good come NCAA time would be helpful. Who’s Quin and Yale? Well, we found out! But maybe didn’t see it coming. Just a thought. Go Fighting Sioux!

  45. nodak

    Great job Brad with everything you do to keep us fans informed on our favorite hockey team. I do not watch the videos you put together, but love Friday Morning Readings. I would like to see some coverage on some national teams, like the top 15 in the pairwise, not a big article, but some notes on teams out east, hobey candidates and such. We are all die hard Sioux fans, but we are also college hockey fans, and the all ECAC championship game had many people wondering what Quinnipiac was. I agree with some coverage of WCHA and Big 10, we all hate the goofers, but our second favorrite team is whoever is playing them. Keep up the good work.

  46. Out of touch

    Seems like the first thing you should do, Brad, is add 12 hours to each day so you can honor these requests. 🙂 Obviously the focus needs to be on the Sioux so I’m guessing 2 or 3 stories, plus travel time, plus games pretty much eats up your week. I do love the live blogs from the games that aren’t televised — or even if they are. As far as outside teams/leagues, i’d be fine with standings and schedules. An occasional update in the scoreboard agate would be fine regarding recruits. And including lots of links to stories from other sources would suffice in terms of coverage of other leagues, other teams in our league and national news. I do check your blog a couple of times each day for updates and love those. Thanks for all you do. I told your boss the last time I saw him that he needs to give you a raise. Make sure he does.

  47. Big D

    Hey Brad, along with working on college hockey overtime and Fargo cable I would like to see more Dancing Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And as long as Lucia is ducking us, I don’t give a rat’s as* about how the Goofers are doing.

    1. SG

      I would like if you could produce the NCAA college hockey playstation game. Put the gophers on the cover and give them the cover jinx. Thx in advance

  48. Jedi

    I know this is a hockey blog, but I have been disappointed by the Herald’s coverage of UND football for years and will take this opportunity to lodge a complaint here. The football coverage needs to be improved.

    1. Jakem

      Agreed. More football coverage would be nice. Sioux Football insider is great but those guys are just fans.

  49. WolfGF

    This may sound superficial, but I would really like to see improvement in the production quality of ALL videos produced by the Herald, including hockey. The authority is there, the information is there, the writing is ok, but you need a producer/studio/staff who can match the production quality of videos from the Ralph… and that befit one of the top hockey programs in the country…just saying.

  50. Tom Anderson

    Keep up the total reporting…I would like to see you have one main page with links on it to your named updates instead of previous and next. Schedule, scores, and standings on the side bar. This would make it easier when the blog is not looked at daily to see if you have something new on it. And links to Virg Foss articles. Video links to sioux hockey items.

  51. LJUS

    I think the Herald Blog Coverage for Hockey is awesome. I would like to see the same type of stuff moving forward, and could really care less about the Big Ten. That conference has nothing to do with UND and really has no effect on our season. I would like to see more coverage of UND Football, Basketball, and maybe even Volleyball on this blog or have the Herald do another blog, but combing them would give you guys more hits, anyways. That is what the forum does with their NDSU one. I guess if I had to rank it would be.

    1. UND Hockey Coverage
    2. UND Football
    3. NCHC/Big Sky Conference Stuff
    4. UND Basketball/ UND Volleyball/UND Women’s Hockey
    5. Other UND Sports

    3-4 are probably interchangeable, depending on news worthy topics. Basically follows the time allotment you guys have been doing on the video blogs which are fantastic.

  52. torchbearer

    Keep up the great work on the multifaceted approach! Loved the vicarious visit to Houghton MI and your other travelogues. Loved the broken down Jetta in Kenmare story… And of course Friday reads, random updates, etc are great stuff! What you do is such a critical piece of following the Sioux from afar (Glenwood Springs CO). And such a great compliment to other “coverage” like Through These Doors and Brad Miller Time, not to mention the actual games :-)! A big thank you to you and the Herald for all you do! Maybe you can become syndicated and the Herald can make more $$. I may be biased but it seems you are the best in the biz!

  53. Chad

    I would love to see some reports tracking UND players from the Olympic tryouts to the point they wrap gold around their necks.

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