Blasi gets 10-year extension

UND fans should get ready to see a very familiar face behind the opponent’s bench at Ralph Engelstad Arena in the coming years.

Miami and head coach Rico Blasi agreed to a 10-year extension that will keep him under contract through 2022-23.

Blasi has been one of college hockey’s winningest coaches in the last decade.

He also did a great job leading the RedHawks to a CCHA title this season, despite losing four top players to the CHL.

8 thoughts on “Blasi gets 10-year extension

  1. Looked at the list of national champions since Blasi became head coach and didn’t see Miami listed. Its a travesty that he is allowed to continue to coach.

    Seriously, the NCHC looks like it will be a tough conference. While the WCHA was also difficult, in any year, you could count on at least a couple of teams to be beatable. Not sure that will be the case in the new conference.

    • You sir are correct! Especially since he inherited a powerhouse with a huge list of talented dpicks, this guy needs the boot! Oh wait, that’s are guy who inherited a national power house yet can’t get it done!

      Bad analogy by you sir!

    • Look at Miami’s finishes since he became coach as opposed to before he was there…ya jabroney!

  2. You can’t measure success by looking only at national championships. The guy has done a great job at Miami.

  3. Miami will no-doubtedly be one of UND’s biggest rivals going forward in the NCHC. Along with Denver,CC, and Duluth me thinks…

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