UND Players Win Titles In Europe

A few UND players led their European teams to championships — and were key pieces to the puzzle in doing so.

Swiss A League

Travis Roche was the top-scoring defenseman in the playoffs as he led SC Bern to its second championship in four years. Roche was part of both teams.

Roche tallied 15 points in 19 playoff games for Bern. Next year will be Roche’s sixth season with Bern (he’s still under contract).

Swiss B League

Colby Genoway was the top scorer in the playoffs as he and former UND forward Jeff Ulmer led Lausanne to the title.

Genoway tallied 26 points in 13 games, while Ulmer had 7 points in 8 games. Genoway is under contract with Lausanne for next year.

Oberliga (Germany3)

Brad Miller was added late in the season, but scored the biggest goal for RT Bad Nauheim. Miller’s only goal of the playoffs was an overtime game-winner to give his team the championship.

Fast forward to 3:15 to see Miller dangle a defender and make a goalie look bad on the winner.

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  1. Not only did Genoway and Ulmer help Lausanne to the NLB playoff title, but they followed it up with a qualification series win. They’re getting bumped up to the Swiss elite league next season.

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