Three Quick Notes

Three random updates and thoughts on this Thursday evening…

1. ESPN’s John Buccigross reported that former Denver coach George Gwozdecky is in intense discussions to become the next head coach at UConn. The Huskies will join Hockey East next year and be up to 18 scholarships by 2016-17. They also hope to have confirmed plans for an on-campus arena by then. So, Gwoz would have some tools to build a team there, and that might be the most important part for the Huskies if they want to lure Gwoz: being able to sell him on institutional support of the hockey program.

2. Alaska Anchorage announced it is suspending its search for a new coach, yet another folly at the school. The embattled athletic director, Steve Cobb, was not quoted in the release. Although UAA says it has tons of great candidates, two of its original finalists were Division III coaches. I was told that Dave Shyiak was not pleased at the school’s institutional support of the hockey program, and that could certainly be scaring away candidates right now. They might not believe they can win there.

3. Recently, Omaha’s Ryan Walters said he’s returning for his senior year. That’s big for the Mavs, who should be one of the top two teams in the NCHC next year along with Miami. Those two teams should be the top offenses in the NCHC as well.

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  1. suture

    I think UAA is going to find out Shyiak was a better coach than they realized. He comes from excellent coaching stock and did a great job considering the players he was able to recruit. Let’s face it, not too many top-level players are going to be very excited about “taking their skills” to Anchorage. Brad, do you know if Shyiak is looking to coach in the lower 48? I know his dad is Canadian and Shyiak has duel citizenship….he might stay up in CA??

  2. KB

    I think UCONN has one more year of AH, then HE for 2014-2015. Or did I read that wrong somewhere?

  3. Rick

    Totally agree with the Shyiak comments. His dad was my high school coach in Devils Lake. He didn’t pander to us or try to please all the parents. He taught us that life isn’t always fair and the harder you work the more that will come your way. You want more playing time, work harder. Just like life. Want more out of life, work harder and smarter.

  4. Hellooo

    Dave shyiak is a very good coach and would be a good fit for und.

    I have a feeling he would cost half what hakstol does and wind up with the same results.

    1. blah blah blah


      Go back to watching Lifetime at the Old Folks home. It will give you both the good cry and other people who are caught up in the past to talk to.

  5. Sioux1

    Helloooo …..
    sounds good and while were at it the patriots should fire Bill and hire Les Steckle cause he’d be cheaper too and likely get similiar results.

  6. blah blah blah

    I also echo Shyiak as a good coach with a bad situation. I mean, I knew it a long time back.

    As much as I dislike John Hill, I think he understood it better than most. When the opportunity came to get out and go to a program that has better institutional support and an easier time at recruiting, he took it despite the demotion. Of course, Hill nearly ruined the Gopher program out from under Lucia but still….

  7. Bleed green

    We have a ton of production to replace. Defense will be strong including goal tending. Now if that Sophmore class can all take a step as juniors, and Rocco hits fewer pipes, we’ll be a tough out night in and night out.

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