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  1. suture

    Tom, is there an unseen issue or problem with NDSU’s desire (lack of desire that is) to play UND…..or be in the same conference as UND…… in football? I say this because there just seems to be some kind of bad blood, attitude, ego or some other intangible item that makes NDSU quite unhappy about being involved with UND football. Do you have any comments or thoughts about this……or do you think the “problem” is strictly based on objective issues like logistics, finances, strength of schedule, etc….??

  2. Siouxguy

    Brad, curious why you think Miami are heavy favorites in the first year of the NCHC? True, they have Czarnik and Barber, but don’t see huge numbers beyond that. Wouldn’t Grimaldi and either MacMillan or Parks (given a full year without injury) be comparable to those two. And if the Sioux are that far behind a young team like Miami offensively, doesn’t that beg the question why? I think we have much better depth than we had at the end of the 2012 season when we were making quite a run, despite not being able to dress a full lineup. I think it’s all about chemistry, and it was evident last year’s team didn’t have it. If Gothberg struggles, I could easily see the new goaltender get a chance and run with it, hopefully like another 21 year old did when he got a chance taking the place of Scott Brower. Probably won’t see a repeat of Ed Belfour, but someone who can push the others to be on top is a good thing. Have no doubt that Miami is good, but don’t know if they are head and shoulders above the others.

    1. Siouxperfan

      Even though Brad has anointed Gothberg as the starter, still think the coaches will let the competition play out.

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