UND Ready To Bid On NCAA Events

There was some movement at the Florida meetings to change the NCAA tournament to the top eight seeds hosting in the first round and a best two-of-three series, but a segment of coaches are still opposed to that.

And although nothing is official yet, the vibe coming out of there is that nothing will be changing about the NCAA tournament in the immediate future.

So, in the meantime, UND is working along with Ralph Engelstad Arena to place a bid to host an NCAA regional tournament at Fargo’s Scheels Arena (NCAA is not currently allowing teams to play games at their regular home arena).

For more on that, read the story in the Herald.

UND also is placing a bid to host the Women’s Frozen Four in a couple of years. That would be at Ralph Engelstad Arena.

If UND does get to host a men’s regional at Scheels Arena, you have to imagine it would sell out in an instant, no matter how expensive the tickets are. There are only 5,000 seats there and UND typically draws more than 12,000 for home games.

The 5,000-seat venue is smaller than the typical NCAA regional arena, but lately, about half of the regionals have not been drawing 5,000 people. So, it will be interesting to see what the NCAA does with the bid.

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  1. SWMNSiouxFan

    Sioux Falls, SD is building a new facility that will be used for hockey and will seat over 10,000 I think. It’s a little bit of a drive but I’m sure UND, UM and Omaha fans would have no problem making it and it’d be better than UM hosting at the X every other year. Just another option that I think should be looked at. I’m still glad they are trying to get one at Scheels arena it’s just nice to have another facility somewhat close and in the midwest.

  2. Dfence

    I was actually thinking the same thing after reading this article. It does not open until 2014, but would be a great location and likely sellout if any of the local teams are playing.

  3. Dave

    I am wondering why the Alerus Center can’t host it since it isn’t the home rink… Couldn’t they bring in temporary ice, etc. Why give someone else the business if locally another venue could host it? Otherwise, I agree with the others and have it in Sioux Falls.

  4. Sioux4Ever

    Once the NC$$ pulls their heads out of their @sses and sees that their current set up for regional games is a joke, they will move them back to campus sites. Why not have them there? The teams play on campus all year, why not in the national tourney? I am sick of turning on the tv and seeing 3000 people in some huge arena. Maybe they will figure out that their regional sites also suck. Grand Rapids? Toledo? Not much of the hockey hot beds unless you get a local team in there. Might as well let the top 8 host first round. Nothing like getting a “number 1” seed only to be shipped out east and play some 4 seed that is 20 mins away from home……


    Is it feasible to install a sheet of ice in the FargoDome? 19,000+ seats would sell out as well.

    1. SiouxperKev

      A 19,000 seat sellout? In Fargo? You must be dreaming. Without UND or MN, you’d be closer to 1,900 than 19,000. Sorry.

    1. Dfence

      I was at the outdoor game and it was great for a novelty point of view, but do not think hosting post-season tournaments is a good idea. Too many unknowns leading up to and during the game. CenturyLink arena would not be a bad choice, but it is a little further away from the Mid-West college hockey teams.

    2. SiouxperKev

      Outdoor hockey in late March? Terrible idea. Look how bad it was in February. It could be 80 degrees real easily that time of year.

      1. Your Friend

        guys its was a joke. its a terrible idea. CenturyLink or Mid-America Center would be great places.

  6. Sioux Fan3.0

    Ugh, a regional in Omaha? No thanks!!! I loved my few days down there but was not impressed with the city as a whole. Would not travel down there again from the Twin Cities.. Watch from my couch instead. Not to say I wouldn’t travel for another UND outdoor game cause I would, just not Omaha please

    1. Your Friend

      Omaha is great. And the outdoor suggestion was a joke. Omaha is the home of many major sporting events year after year. Olympic swimming, Olympic and US/World Championship ice skating, Speed Skating, COLLEGE WORLD SERIES.

      I dont want to get bent out of shape but do you really think Omaha, who are has been entertaining sports for 50+ years doesnt know how to entertain a sporting event. Please.

  7. Jordan

    I think the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa would be a GREAT draw. Des Moines has cheap-ish flights. Has UND, UNO, UM-TC, SCSU, BSU, Mankato all within 700 miles. Des Moines is a great city, that had great draws for women’s basketball and sold out the NCAA wrestling championships.

  8. Siouxguy

    People have given regional places that could possibly be a site for a regional, but there is no way that UND is ever going to bid on a regional in any place but North Dakota because they have more to lose at those other sites if UND doesn’t make it, and even if UND makes it, there is no guarantee because not everyone will travel for a regional when they have hopes to travel to the Frozen Four two weeks later.

    1. SWMNSiouxFan

      I don’t think anyone implied that UND would host in Omaha. Obviously only UNO would. I disagree with you on not traveling because of frozen four aspirations though. Buying tickets to a regional they host where UND would be guaranteed to play (if they make the tourney) would be easier to do and plan for than buying tickets in Tampa or Pittsburgh or Anaheim etc. and hoping they are one of the last 4 teams playing. I realize Sioux Falls is a long shot but if UND could use that to host more often I think it is a viable option.

      1. Siouxguy

        Wasn’t talking about Omaha, but the whole idea of Brad’s topic is UND looking to host a regional. People are talking about Sioux Falls and Des Moines, and don’t believe there is any chance at all that UND would go down that road. They would be much better off hosting at Scheels because with such a small arena, and it being so close to Grand Forks, more people would be apt to lay out the Regional package in advance. Don’t remember exactly how it was in the regional hosted at the Ralph, but think tickets were still available well beyond the date they went on sale.

        1. SWMNSiouxFan

          I brought up Omaha because it was brought up by someone earlier in the discussions, never said you brought it up. But if crossing state lines is an issue for you, I think MTU has done it a few times recently in Green Bay. Must be a little jaunt between those towns. You might be right, maybe Scheels Arena is only option for UND to host, heaven forbid there might be other options that could work. Lets not forget that there would be 3 other teams there. Maybe 1 or 2 from mn and one from co.

          1. SWMNSiouxFan

            sorry for the incorrect reply to myself, getting late and ran sentences into each other. My last comment is until some oil tycoon builds a rink in Ray, ND, Scheels Arena is the only place in ND that could host a regional. I think Sioux Falls could work. Doesnt mean anyone else thinks so.

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