Ausmus To UND

East Grand Forks defenseman Gage Ausmus has committed to UND.

Ausmus, who currently plays for the U.S. Under-18 team, previously committed to Denver, but re-opened his recruiting after it fired coach George Gwozdecky.

Ausmus is more of a stay-at-home, shutdown defenseman with good skating ability. He was on the team’s top defensive pairing at the IIHF World Under-18 Championship last month in Russia.

The stay-at-home type of presence is likely attractive to UND, which lost Andrew MacWilliam (graduation) and Derek Forbort (Los Angeles Kings) after the season.

It also further bolsters UND’s local connections, as UND has lined up Ausmus and Tucker Poolman from East Grand Forks, Luke Johnson and Paul LaDue from Grand Forks and Keaton Thompson from Devils Lake.

More to come.

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  1. ice ice baby

    Great news! I am interested to see what the identity of this team is with the absence of Kristo and Knight.

  2. lfr

    Seems like the local talent is getting better and better. I would have to think UND is also on many of the kids who played at EGF this last year.

    1. Tom

      I’m sure you’ve never changed your mind about anything in your life. When these kids commit they are so young and circumstances change.

      1. WWPKD

        Yea, and I’m sure he is excited for the opportunity and “committed” to working hard and to doing whatever he can to improve the program. #questionablemorals

        1. Viking1

          Stupid comment. The University he gave a committment to broke theirs to Gwozdecki. Therefore, he is no longer obligated to go there. …

          1. WWPKD

            Oh so two wrongs DO in fact make a right…….I want Fighting Sioux players, not Pioneer players in Fighting Sioux jerseys.

    2. Rob

      I see someone else also mentioned Jason Gregoire but I suppose you didn’t enjoy watching him here either because he backed out of his commitment to Denver?

  3. Sioux Fan3.0

    Another great addition! Love having the hometown boys around to show the other recruits there is more to Grand Forks than frat parties and bars… I mean comon’ Red Pepper anybody? J/K

  4. viking1

    I’m going to hazard a guess right now the Sioux are going to be one of the top teams next year. They are loading up for bear……

      1. Viking1

        I like to live dangerously, but I successfully won a pool by predicting Yale would win the frozen four (so sometimes it pays off)…. 🙂

  5. Julius

    I have to say I agree with WWPKD. We are the first to bash players on backing out of commitments from UND but now we will embrace a kid backing out of his commitment and coming to UND? It’s ok because he is “local?” Last I checked EGF is in Minnesota and they have 5 D1 programs of their own. Having a hard time with this logic.

    1. SWMNSiouxFan

      A little harsh. He commited to Denver to play for Gwoz.
      George got canned, Gage should be able to change mind if NLI hasn’t been signed. Difference is a kid leaving UND for major junior hockey two weeks before school. That is completely different. How many times in college football do kids go to a school to play for a coach, than that coach leaves and the kid is stuck with a different coach whose priorities might not be that kid?

    2. Sara

      If you can walk to freaking EGF from the UND campus, it’s local, whether it’s across state lines or not. So debating that is even more illogical than your claims.

  6. WWPKD

    Gregoire? Gregoire was a good hockey player, never a true fighting Sioux player. His pro career reflects that.

    Also, at this point he is considered flight risk, what if Gwoz gets a new coaching job somewhere else? He WILL jump back into George’s arms.

    1. Viking1

      Doubtful Gwoz will be coaching this year, since his only DI options left are Maine and UAA. Asumus wouldnt jump ship for either of those. He will be a welcome addition next year…..

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