A Bit More About The Regional Bid

Since this story came out about UND preparing to bid to host a regional in Fargo, I’ve heard lots of questions and ideas for other venues where UND should try to host a regional.

Two of them I’ve heard: Minneapolis/St. Paul or Winnipeg.

Below, I list why I don’t think they are viable options.

1. Minneapolis/St. Paul

If UND made the NCAAs, it would automatically be placed here (if it’s the host). The NCAA also would do everything it could to keep Minnesota here (if it makes the tournament). So, essentially, UND would be bidding for a regional to try to play against Minnesota in the Twin Cities. Since the main goal of bidding for a regional is to give your team some sort of advantage, I don’t know how great of an idea it would be. It would basically place you against your rival in their backyard. You don’t see New Hampshire bid to host a regional in Boston.

2. Winnipeg

I think it would be an extreme longshot for the NCAA to grant a regional outside of the United States. It would create a lot of possible logistical problems. It’s possible that there could be problems with players traveling to Canada for various reasons (not having a passport being one). Since you have no idea which teams could get sent up there at the beginning of the season, it might be too big of a headache for the NCAA to consider as a viable option at this point.


Some people have mentioned the smaller venue (5,000 seats) being a problem for Fargo to earn a bid. That is a legit concern. UND’s response will be that half of the regionals right now are not drawing 5,000.

A Fargo regional also could be a draw for St. Cloud State, Minnesota and Minnesota State-Mankato fans, as Fargo is a fairly easy drive for all of those programs (something the NCAA will like to hear).

So, there are pros and cons to UND’s Fargo bid. As for picking Scheels Arena for the venue? I think that’s really UND’s only legitimate option under the current NCAA setup.

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  1. bill schmidt

    What really needs to happen is for the NCAA to change there stupid rule re: playing on a team’s home ice. We all know that if the Regional is at the Ralph, whether the Sioux are there or not, the arena would be full; not 1900 that watched the Sioux lose to Yale 3/30/13!!

    1. Big Ten Hockey

      Im not sure we all know there would be 1,900 folks at the big games. The hockey national championship game only had a couple thousand at most. This is considered a niche sport by the NCAA and rightly so.

      1. Boomer

        You wouldn’t know the big ten if you saw it in the sleeper of a truck at the Fargo Flying J.

  2. Coach

    Wrong on MSP Brad. UND is going to have to play quality teams in the Regional and they’re not just coming from the WCHA like everyone has assumed the last few years. We need to quit worrying about playing the Gophers in Minnesota and start preparing to beat good teams from out East that continue to beat us when it really matters. Minneapolis would have just as many UND fans as Gophers so your point is irrelevant.

    Love the insight and notes from the meetings though. Keep up the good blog!

    1. Ethan

      I believe cooling pipes were put into the Fargodome when it was built, but I don’t think they’ve ever been used so who knows if they’d even work after sitting dormant for 20 years.

      The Alerus might have ended up with the cooling pipes as well had it been built earlier, but Engelstad’s donation for the new Ralph ended that discussion.

  3. tadder52

    The football stadiums present a different set of problems: being too far from the ice for a decent show, and that is assuming they would even want to put ice into the building. They aren’t bad venues or ideas just knowing how much people complained about the views of the outdoor game about Omaha and in 2010 when the Frozen Four was played in Detroit at Ford Field is a legitimate concern as well.

    I’m crazy in support for UND hosting. The bid just has to be put together and well thought out!

  4. Dfence

    The Fargodome hosting UND hockey does not seem something that those in power at NDSU will allow! It maybe a city owned facility, but I am sure NDSU has a lot of the strings.

  5. Dfence

    A Canadian host site is not too far fetched but unlikely. Not sure if the passport problem is much of an issue. A lot of college hockey players are from other countries and state side players likely have ventured north to playa game or two.

  6. Candi Lankford

    I know that ‘home ice’ wasn’t an issue when Colorado Springs hosted a regional a few years ago and CC was able to play at ‘home’ as a number one seed.

  7. guest_2013

    Brad, what are your thoughts on Sioux Falls being a potential site. They are building a new arena that would have a rink that seats 10,000. Also decent driving distance for UND, UNO, SCSU, Mankato, and the U.

  8. Sioux1

    The 5000 seat capacity regardless of previous attendance history in my opinion will make this a no go.

  9. sodak sioux

    It would be great if it could be in the Fargodome, but viewing angles would be tough to work with. As for connection to NDSU, they probably would be happy to have it there. They do not have a hockey team so many Bison fans are UND hockey fans, or even just hockey fans in general, and would come enjoy some games. Also, it would give NDSU a little exposure on a different level. Sounds like a win-win to me.

  10. I don’t see the NCAA wanting to do the Fargodome or the Alerus. They tried one time to host an event at a football field and it didn’t go very well. The Fargodome would be a better venue than the Alerus, because they have the ability to pull the one side of the seats all the way over (they’ve done that for Disney on Ice type of shows), but I still don’t see it happening for the NCAA events. I don’t know if the coaches were huge fans of that.

  11. Am I missing something here? I thought part of the dictatorship…um…err…I mean agreement with the NCAA was that if we dropped the nickname and were in compliance, UND could host NCAA events? What happened????

  12. erik thorne

    Who really should put in a bid to host is the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Nice arena with great sight lines. Holds 8-9 thousand for hockey. 1,885 reasonably priced rooms in the attached hotel. Very easy to get to from anywhere in the US. Allegiant’s home base so they could easily add a flight. Best part? Cheaply priced drinks in the hotel bars.

    1. northdasotan

      That would be pretty cool and the attendance wouldn’t be any worse then it has been recently, who knows maybe LV hockey fans would pack the place along with team fans. The best way to do it though is to allow the top seeded teams host a best of 3 series.

      Fargo would definitely sell out the 5000 seats. I have a feeling the NCAA will do anything possible to keep a regional out of North Dakota.

  13. Ron Seeley

    Multiple problems with Canada. Let’s start with any player with a DUI or MIP. If they are not Canadian, they will likely not be let into the country. Think NCAA wants to deal with the reality of that? I don’t. Rest of the issues don’t matter much after that.

  14. Sioux Fan 3.0

    Coach, dead wrong on your point about Regionals at the X being half full of UND fans.. Last regional where the Sioux got beat big time there were only about 1/8 of the arena filled with us green machines! I was 5 rows up and was looking around to find my Sioux brothers and only saw lots of gold Gopher advantage big time

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