CBC Documents UND In Playoffs

A fan sent this screen cap to me of a CBC broadcast during a Blues-Kings playoff game. They showed some of Chris Porter’s teammates while at UND.

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  1. farce poobah

    Good thing CBC just listed the stars he played with at UND, and not all the future NHL-ers… they would have needed to use some really small print to fit ALL of them. 🙂

    1. farce poobah

      Including everyone Chris Porter played with at UND who made it to the NHL, the total would be 16 teammates:
      Brandon Bochenski
      Brady Murray
      Matt Jones
      Matt Smaby
      Brian Lee
      Joe Finley
      Taylor Chorney
      Matt Watkins
      Chay Genoway
      Chris VandeVelde

  2. Awesome talent!

    What an enviable list of talent! How many ncaa national championships among the group?

  3. Nodak Fan

    I would venture to guess no other college hockey program can boast that lot of players right now.

    Great recruiting plug for UND.

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