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Matt Frattin and the Toronto Maple Leafs were knocked out of the playoffs Monday night in crushing fashion, letting a 4-1 lead slip away in the final 11 minutes and losing in overtime to the Boston Bruins.

That means if UND is going to have another Stanley Cup winner, it will have to be either Jonathan Toews (Chicago Blackhawks) or Matt Greene (Los Angeles Kings).

Greene has been hurt and has not been cleared to play yet, but he’s working his way there.


In the AHL playoffs, Brian Lee and Syracuse are up 2-0 in their second-round series, while Chris VandeVelde and Oklahoma City lead Mike Commodore’s Texas Stars 2-1 in a second-round series. Commodore has not played yet in the series.


If things couldn’t get any worse in Anchorage, now there’s another controversy/scandal brewing up there with a former Seawolves player, Mickey Spencer, accusing recently fired coach Dave Shyiak of hitting a player with a stick during practice. Read the details in this Anchorage Daily News story.


There’s also a controversy about the NAHL’s championship, the Robertson Cup, where Amarillo has been accused of throwing a pool play game to make sure they reached the championship.

The way I understand it, is this: If Amarillo would have won its final pool play game vs. Wenatchee, it would have reached the championship. If it lost by two or more, it would make the final. However, if they lost a one-goal game, they would have been knocked out (yes, the NAHL has some absolutely bizarre tiebreaking scenarios).

Amarillo ended up losing 7-0 to Wenatchee on Sunday night – a loss that kept the Bismarck Bobcats out of the championship game and clinched the trip for Amarillo (the worst loss Amarillo suffered during the season was by three goals). Then, 24 hours later, Amarillo ended up beating Wenatchee 5-0 to win the title.

So, the question is: Did Amarillo just happen to have, by far, its worst day of the last two years on Sunday? Or was something more going on?

3 Responses

  1. SiouxAviator

    This is what happens when your tiebreaking scenario makes it more advantageous to lose, than to win.

  2. joe

    I don’t think they intentionally threw it, but trying to get 5 guys on the ice to break their butt to potentially not make the finals is hard to do. It’s like an NFL team that’s already clinched home-field in the playoffs. Why risk getting hurt for nothing?

  3. Jordan

    Even if Amarillo did throw the game, it is well within the rules. It doesn’t make it right (in an ethical sense), but isn’t the goal of a season is to WIN a CHAMPIONSHIP, not a game. If winning a game is going to keep your from a goal, then lose. The NAHL is at major fault here not the Amarillo coaches, organization, nor and most certainly the players are not at fault.

    If anything Amarillo has exposed a flaw in the NAHL system that should be adjusted and fixed. Good on Amarillo.

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