Is Scherr On His Way Out?

Is the NCHC losing its commissioner before the puck drops?

That’s the big question after Inside the Games reported that Jim Scherr could be the chief executive officer of the European Games. Read a little about that in the Herald here.

So where does the NCHC go from here?

Well, if Scherr does take the job, he told the Colorado Springs Gazette that it would be the NCHC board of directors’ decision whether he would work both jobs. I can’t imagine the NCHC would be OK with that. If Scherr accepts the job, his priorities obviously lie elsewhere.

The NCHC would have to hire another commissioner just a few months before the league is set to kick off – not an ideal situation.

I’m assuming that director of hockey ops Joe Novak would become an even-more prominent guy in the interim if Scherr leaves. Novak has been a central figure in putting together the league.

Scherr says that he’s only had discussions about the job and nothing is final. But, even if he stays, there will no doubt be speculation about whether his heart is in the NCHC job if he’s already talking about taking another one.

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  1. cfm

    While Joe has experience with running a hockey operation, I’m not sure if he is who you want as a commissioner at this point. Hockey at the academy is a lot different than hockey at the nchc schools and I’m not just talking about on the ice.

  2. suture

    Umm, didn’t he sign a contract? Oh, yea, things like this don’t really matter anymore do they. Replace the guy, we need someone who feels lucky to be in this position. One thing I learned a long time ago……everyone can be replaced.

  3. It’s fun watching the haters come out and say how this is such a big deal, won’t have any cause and effect on the season. I guess we should just change our minds and get back to the WCHA before the season begins.

    1. SiouxperKev

      Umm Eric… You’re up early and apparently you haven’t had your coffee or something. “Haters coming out”? Really? There’s two comments questioning Scherr’s desire to head the NCHC since he’s listening to another offer. I would call that a big deal. You don’t? And what’s any of that got to do with going back to the WCHA? Nothing really. Come back when you can add a constructive commment.

      1. Relax superkev, I wasn’t talking about the people on this site. I was talking about the people that are wringing their hands over this subject other places.

        I think the league will be be fine because it has great leadership on the board, led by UND AD Brian Faison. When your part of a league hires good people sometimes they get recruited for other jobs. The WCHA comment is called a tongue in cheek comment, since the WCHA is run so well and has such a great leader.

  4. blah blah blah

    Haters or not, this isn’t good for the NCHC… unless there’s a new guy that comes in that has a sort of pedigree.

    I am not sure who that would be. Paul Kelly? Probably not. Novak? Most likely since he’s been here from the start.

    The NCHC front office has a lot to prove, imo. They can say all they want but they started out by hiring the wrong Director of Officiating and now they have this debacle. It’s like starting in a hole. I hope they can build a ladder.

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