Toews Advances, Will Face Greene Next

The Chicago Blackhawks were furious Wednesday night after a likely game-winning goal late in the third period was disallowed because of a controversial penalty whistled behind the play.

But captain Jonathan Toews wouldn’t let it hold the Hawks down.

The former UND standout told his team in the intermission to win the game 3-1.

They didn’t quite do that, but what happened was good enough. Defenseman Brent Seabrook blasted a shot home in overtime to send the Chicago Blackhawks to the Western Conference finals.

Toews and the Blackhawks will meet former Sioux captain Matt Greene and the Los Angeles Kings with a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals on the line. The conference finals start Saturday.

This also guarantees that a former UND player, who is one of his NHL team’s captains, will play for the Stanley Cup. Toews wears the ‘C’ for the Hawks and Greene wears an ‘A’ for the Kings.

This should be quite a showdown between the 2010 champs and the 2012 champs.

Who you got?

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  1. bhawks

    Greener is an awesome guy…had the pleasure to meet him last summer. But I have to cheer for the Hawks. Been a fan since I was a young kid.

  2. Aaron Z

    This one is a tough call…I liked both of these teams from the get-go. I will give the Blackhawks the slight edge due to home ice. Quick is the best in the world, however, and can certainly steal any show.

  3. Viking1

    Tough to think any team can beat the Kings with the way J Quick is playing. Has to be one of the top 10 players in the world right now….

  4. Taz Boy

    Greene getting more face time is always a good thing; he is an outstanding tough-as-nails defenseman, and arguably the spine of that team. But, I’m a Hawks fan for as long as they are in it, and Toews is the best captain in the NHL.

    Amazing the skill level and leadership that all the UND Alumns are bringing to the show. Very proud of our Fighting Sioux!

  5. Joh J

    I am going with the Blackhawks as the team that will solve the “Quick” goal tending puzzle. The Blackhawks are set to unleash their scoring.
    But either way it will be a win for Sioux fans!!

  6. Trickey7

    That was a great game 7! Terrible call given the nature of the rest of the game, glad the Hawks pulled it out. They have a ton of talent. Hoping for a Pens-Hawks final. Would be good for ratings

  7. joe

    How and the world did the SIOUX not win it all when we had Toews, Oshie, and Duncan? A ran into one of the college goalies that played against Toews and Oshie. He said it was the highlight of his LIFE stopping them (but he also let in 5 goals in one game.)

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