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The WCHA held meetings in Bemidji on Sunday and Monday to hammer out a bunch of things.

Jack Hittinger of the Bemidji Pioneer has the details in this story here. It sounds like a TV package is unlikely for the league, but they are going to try to get some sort of Internet streaming package going.

As has been previously covered in this space, I think that would be a wonderful idea to have sort of a NHL GameCenter-type of thing that fans can access webcasts to all league games.

Of course, this presents a lot of challenges as far as the profits and the webcast quality, but, it would be a wonderful thing for the fans.

The Big Sky Conference has something like that with free webcasts on Big Sky TV.

Also of note, commish Bruce McLeod says in that story that a lot of WCHA officials have defected to the Big Ten and the NCHC. He also told Hittinger that there’s been no official decision on whether he will step down after this season.


The CHL made a bizarre decision to start phasing in a European goalie ban in the WHL, OHL and QMJHL.

Apparently, they feel that there aren’t enough outstanding Canadian-born hockey goalies and the problem is that European goalies are developing in their leagues and taking away opportunities from Canadians.

Read more here.

Will it impact the NCAA game?

It’s hard to say, but if Canada isn’t producing enough top quality goalies, the CHL may come harder after American goalies to fill the void.


The Stanley Cup Finals start on Wednesday and UND’s Jonathan Toews will attempt to win his second Cup.

If he’s able to do so, he will join rare company.

Since 1913, only one person has ever captained two Stanley Cup teams at age 25. The person is Wayne Gretzky.


UND recruit Trevor Olson is taking summer classes in Grand Forks and will be around town this summer. Right now, the plan is still for him to play for Sioux City this upcoming season and come to UND in the fall of 2014.

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  1. willythekid

    O Canada!
    Where goalies don’t come from the native land!
    Start using canadians I Demand!
    O Canada,
    You poach enough recruits from thee…
    O Canada,
    Where they wish they had more skilled goalies!

  2. Siouxperfan7

    OFFICIATING “raided” by the Big Ten and the NCHC….PLEASE NO!! As long as Anderson, the two Shepherds, and Marco Hunt didn’t come to the NCHC I’ll be ok.

    1. blah blah blah

      You’re not surprised are you?

      It’s not like that wasn’t a distinct probability thanks to Don “Kill em All No Call” Adam was head of officials.

      The NCHC gets what they deserved. As for the B1G, that’s just downright stupidity on their part. Their first gaff in quite a while. We’re at 3 biggies. Not good start.

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