Hawks Win Classic Game 1

Jonathan Toews and the Chicago Blackhawks are now three wins away from winning the Stanley Cup after winning a triple overtime classic in Game 1.

Both teams had numerous opportunities to win the game, but it finally ended when Michal Rozsival’s point shot was deflected by Dave Bolland and went off of Andrew Shaw’s leg at 12:08 of the third overtime.

It appears we’re in for quite a series.

Toews didn’t register any points during Game 1, but a new stat that’s starting to gain steam points to a solid game for the former UND standout.

The Corsi +/- is a new way to track plus-minus with larger numbers that mathematicians hope make plus-minus more accurate. You get a plus if your team registers a shot attempt (on goal, blocked, misses the net) and a minus if the other team does so while you’re on the ice. It sort of helps measure how much a player tilts the ice. If you want to read more about it, go here.

Anyway, Toews had the top Corsi number in the game Wednesday night with a plus-31.

Game 2 is Saturday night at 7 p.m.

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  1. LuckyStrike

    Wow! You will go to great lengths to try and find a way to make it seem like Toews is playing well. He is the most overrated player in the league.

    1. northdasotan

      Conn Smyth, Stanley Cup, Selke, Gold at the World Juniors, Gold at the olympics, Captain of a pro hockey team at 21- 22(?). Being talked about as one of the top two players in the world all due to his overrated abilities. He is playing well, maybe not scoring as much as he or his fans would like but he is playing well.

  2. Icebox Sioux fan

    Most overrated? I’m sure that’s why they made him captain. The front office on the presidents winning Blackhawks must not know squat. Why he won the conn Smyrna three years ago at 22

  3. LuckyStrike

    Toews has one goal in 18 playoff games, enough said. Perhaps I should be complimenting Mr. Schlossman on his ability to fabricate something seemingly positive from what has been an incredibly poor playoff run for Mr. Toews.

    1. J.B.

      Typical casual fan. Look at goal production but no further. There’s a reason that Roenick said that Toews is the best captain in the NHL. Roenick’s opinion holds a little more water than one “LuckyStrike”.

    2. Yajji

      You must not know much about hockey and obviously have a struggle with understanding intangibles… Toews, when not scoring is still very noticeable and does great things all over the ice… and you have obviously not read any of the NHL analysts when they say the only person they would trade Toews for is a healthy Crosby and the Pens organizations statements of the only person they would trade Crosby for: Toews…

  4. SM

    Mr. Toews has struggled in the points department this playoff season, however one should not underestimate the intangibles he provides: leadership, positive attitude, end-to-end play, and his play making ability – the ability to set up scoring opportunities for others. If one is doubting Mr. Toews talent level, you might want to think again. He is arguably the best Captain in the NHL. I’d say he’s doing just fine for being 25 years of age and playing for his second chance to have his name on the Stanley Cup. It would be really easy for Mr. Toews to dwell on the negative aspect of not being able to contribute point-wise this playoffs, but because of his poise and leadership he is able to contribute through his hard work ethic and positive attitude, a mark of a true leader. Hockey is a “team” sport and Mr. Toews and the rest of the Blackhawks team are doing just fine thus far, if you do not believe me ask players from the Minnesota Wild, Detroit Red Wings, and/or Los Angeles Kings and I am pretty certain they will agree.

  5. Pavel

    People who think Toews is playing well or is not the best player for the Blackhawks, are the same people who think Lebron James is overrated.

  6. UND_Guy_in_NJ

    I think the concerning thing is the lack of goals. He is in prime of his career. He should be counted on for more than “intangibles.” He should not be able to be compared to someone like Jaromir Jagr who is basically doing the no goals and intangibles dance for the Bruins.

    I respect and admire Towes’ game very much, and I strongly suspect this to likely end up an aberration, but this has not been a rosy run in playoffs for him. I have to guess a few legit hockey minds are raising their eyebrows – if even just a tad.

    P.S I would argue that Corsi and Fenwick numbers are borderline useless when based on a one game sample. They are long team predictors.

    1. I agree that the lack of goals is a surprise considering he finished 5th in the NHL in goals this year. Things haven’t been easy for him offensively this playoff run. That being said, he hasn’t received much attention for it, but he’s a big reason why the Hawks have shut down every opponent’s top goal scorer: In Round 1, Parise had 1 goal. In Round 2, Datsyuk had 1 goal. In Round 3, Carter had 1 goal.

      1. UND_Guy_in_NJ

        Toews’ two way play is in the “one percent” tier for a guy of his star power and talent. Is it any coincidence that Parise is a carbon copy when it comes to working just as hard to play defense? Or, how about Frattin? Not quite in the same league offensively (yet, perhaps?) but he was probably one of the Leafs’ best two way skaters down the stretch and into the playoffs. Hmmm. There seems to be a connection here. I just can’t put my finger on it. 🙂

  7. Siouxguy

    I will say this, that as much as Toews has been struggling to score goals, and as much as the media has focused on that, I find it quite extraordinary that every time he comes down on a two on one with somebody like Kane, he still seems to dish the puck perfectly. Human nature would suggest you would try get the goal yourself to quiet the discontent, so perhaps those are the intangibles that make Toews a captain, doesn’t care who gets the credit as long as they win.

    1. Sioux Fan3.0

      Well said, he is the captain and obviously does not care for the spotlight. Never has! Being paired and roughed up by everyone else’s top players has proven just how deep the Blackhawks roster really is. Without a player like Toews on the roster, the team exposes more of its weaknesses which would have already have been evident by now in this playoff run. This has allowed third and fourth liners to really step up their game and produce for them. It just goes to show how important depth really is. The Wild have arguably one line that can match up with the best of the best but where they really failed is their lack of production from the other lines. Toews is exceptional in that he diverts so much of the other teams attention onto himself unlike any others (exception Crosby). Not even Stamkos, Parise, etc.. command the attention he does.

  8. Icebox Sioux fan

    Evidently those 1260 who get to vote don’t know as much as lucky strike does about his overall skill level. Evidently every team matching and keying their best defensive player on Towes as much as they can has no impact on his ability to score and you’re right he could have shot instead of dishing off to Kane. He’s really talented. No question

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