Toews Wins Another Cup

In the last 30 years, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Mario Lemieux, Steve Yzerman, Joe Sakic and Scott Stevens are the only players to captain two Stanley Cup champion teams.

Add Jonathan Toews to that list.

The former UND standout won his second Stanley Cup on Monday night, scoring a goal and adding an assist in Chicago’s 3-2 win in Game 6.

Since 1913, only two players have captained two Cup teams at age 25. They are Toews and Gretzky.

Toews had some tough moments during the playoffs, but ended up tallying five points in the last three games and was on the ice for 8 of Chicago’s last 12 goals in the series.

And for Toews, this only means his legacy grows. At age 25, he already has two Stanley Cups, an Olympic gold medal, an IIHF gold medal, a Conn Smythe Trophy and a Frank Selke Trophy. There’s more about that in this column here.

The Ralph now needs to do even more work on the NHL wall just outside of the locker room. It needs to add a plaque for Toews’ Selke Trophy and another shot of Toews with the Cup.

UND on the Stanley Cup

Gord Sherven, Edmonton, 1983-84
Craig Ludwig, Montreal, 1985-86
Jay Caufield, Pittsburgh, 1990-91
Jay Caufield, Pittsburgh, 1991-92
Troy Murray, Colorado, 1995-96
Ed Belfour, Dallas, 1998-99
Tony Hrkac, Dallas, 1998-99
(A) Craig Ludwig, Dallas, 1998-99
Rick Wilson, Dallas, 1998-99 (assistant coach)
Brad Bombardir, New Jersey, 1999-00
Mike Commodore, Carolina, 2005-06
(C) Jonathan Toews, Chicago, 2009-10 (Conn Smythe Trophy winner)
(A) Matt Greene, Los Angeles, 2011-12
(C) Jonathan Toews, Chicago, 2012-13

(captains in bold)


12 Responses

  1. suture

    Just awesome! Is there a more competitive kid than Toews? He has a motor that never stops and just oozes leadership. Fantastic series to watch and great that an ex-UND’er was in the front of it all. Now, swing by GF with the cup baby….

  2. Sled

    Now three of the last four years one of our Sioux boys have hoisted the Cup!
    Speaks volumes for Coach Hakstol and predecessor coaches.

  3. whoa!

    I had no idea Toews was on the same level as Gretzky. Is that what you’re saying? If so, man, we had someone on the same level as Gretzky play for UND!

      1. Walrus

        Brad, you do such an awesome service for all college hockey fans, not just UND. You definitely don’t have to respond to people trying to troll. People draw such wild conclusions from your statements, what’s the point? We lost to Yale because of JT Miller is what you said!! Yeah… Any chance Toews swings by GF with the cup?

  4. UND_Guy_in_NJ

    I was on here a short while ago being critical of Toews scoring production. Strike that from the list. Whether Seabrook deserves credit for dropping a hint or not JT got rolling and certainly kept Kane rolling just in time to secure their 2nd Cup together. JT absolutely deserves to be mentioned in same sentence as Gretzky, Mario and Stevey Y. Way to go JT!!

  5. SM

    Congratulations to the Chigago Blackhawks. I hope the critics of Mr. Jonathan Toews learned something about Mr. Toews’ game after watching game 6. His name and his style of game is synonymous with all of the following terms and others as well: determination, character, drive, leadership, resolve, class, poise, captain, and champion. A great model teammate Captain Toews is indeed.

  6. Greg Loouganis

    Wonder if he will have time to come back and get his degree at UND this summer ? Oh wait, did he not graduate from college yet ? I thought that is why kids choose to play college hockey and not the scary dead end CHL. All the money and championships yet no degree yet, hmmmmm…Poster boy for college hockey, 2 and out and no degree.

    1. Toews is in the 1 percentile of people who will end up making $100 million by playing hockey. College hockey still served him well. He obviously developed pretty well, played in front of 12,000 people a night and got to experience a college lifestyle. However, most aren’t Toews, and most people’s careers will be done by age 30.

      Look at the 2000 draft for example. North Dakota’s David Hale gets picked No. 22, WHL’s Nathan Smith goes one spot later. Both first-round picks. Hale goes to college for 3 years, then signs with NJ without a degree. Smith plays a couple years in WHL, then signs with Vancouver. Both retire within a year of each other at age 29/30. Hale only had one year of school left and now already has his degree. I don’t know what Smith is doing right now, but he only played 26 NHL games and that’s not enough money to live on for the rest of your life. So, both Hale and Smith are now retired (actually Hale is going to unretire, apparently). One has a degree, one does not.

      Toews may never get his degree, but should he choose to, he’s in a lot better position to get it than he would have been in the CHL.

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